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How to be a role model for your kids

BY: JoJustin | Category: Family | Post Date: 2010-02-16

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Parents and caretakers of children do not realize how much the kids learn from their parents from a very young age. The kids observe a lot of things from their parents. They look at how the parents behave and how their parents have a relationship with other people in the family and also with people from outside the family. All these impress them a lot and the kids try to follow the footsteps of their parents. This may not be very obvious at a young age, but when you notice the activities of the child later on, you will realize how the child has observed from a very young age.

The parents should be a role model for their kids so that they do not spoil their child. The various methods in which the parents can be role models for their children are as follows:

1. Watch out what you talk:
The parents should make sure that what they talk is permissible. This is because the kids listen to each and every word that is spoke. Without the parent's knowledge, the words that are commonly used is imprinted in the rain of the child. In fact the words that are used with a great emphasis, especially at times of a quarrel in the house are usually remembered more by the child. This is the reason for parents to try and avoid speaking too many unwanted words in front of their kids.

2. Do not watch too much of television:

The parents should make sure that they watch only permissible content in front of their kids. This is because the mind of kids is very open to the various scenes and the words that are spoken n television. In fact television is one thing that makes the kids really attracted. The scenes remain in their mind and so it is very important for parents not to think that their child is too small and they may not understand what is happening on television.

3. Beware of your actions:

The parents should also be careful of their actions because the children will be aware of what is happening and they will also try to imitate their parents. If you are a person who is used to keeping the house dirty by throwing various things around the house, the kid will also grow up to be like you and may not really understand about cleanliness. If you get angry and throw things or break things in the house, then the child is also sure to do this and may start by throwing the various toys around the house.

4. Talking about other people:

It is also very important that you keep talking about other people in the right way. There are many times when the parents talk about their neighbors or their friends and the kids grow up listening to all these. This creates a bad impression of other people. The kids start having the same attitude about people.

It is very important to take care of the words that are spoken about other people. One should try to behave as best as possible in front of the kids. This will make the kids to grow up to be good people themselves.

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