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How to attract younger women? Tips for older men to date a young girl

BY: Jessica | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-11-03

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Almost every grown up man has a hidden desire - To date a beautiful younger girl. But why do men want to attract a woman who is much younger than their own age? There are a several reasons why men love dating younger women.

a) Dating with a younger women makes a man feel younger about himself. They feel they still have the same 'Spark' they had years back.
b) Most younger women are more energetic, naughty and more fun loving than older women. They may be less mature, but that's exactly what these men want.
c) Younger women are usually more attractive, they have a better body figure and are often more sensual.

Ways to attract younger women:

1. Improve your looks:
Looks are an important factor for almost anyone, it is even a bigger factor for younger women who prefer dating relatively more handsome guys. Groom yourself, get a good haircut and if any strands of white hair have started to appear then apply a black shade/color on them. Get rid of your excessive belly fat. You likely need 1 week to 3 months to make yourself more attractive.

2. Money and Style mean a lot to younger women:
financial security plays a big role in any relationship. If you own a good home, a stylish car, a cool cell phone and seem to have enough money to spend on young girls, you will likely find it far more easier to find a younger age 'date'. Younger women are highly attracted towards money because they can do several luxurious things in life through a wealthy man which they have so far only dreamt of. In fact if you are wealthy, you might have occasionally felt that younger women have tried to 'hit' on you. It's a natural tendency, all women want to live a sophisticated life which not many men can provide. They are usually willing to ignore several factors including Age and Looks to a certain extent. But wealthier men need to be extremely careful with dating women whose sole intention is to "Use You" in return of their fake love. Your personality and personal compatibility should always be considered as the number one factor and your wealth should be a secondary aspect.

3. Use your Experience and Strong traits:
Some people have a great sense of humor, some have a strong convincing attitude while others can leave an impression of a 'honest' person. There is no single approach which works with all girls. You must have dated girls in your younger years, use your experience and apply all your strong points which use to work for you earlier. Beware, avoid doing things which might make you look outdated.

4. Find her online:
Increasingly women are trying to find a date online. Try sites like Frienster or E-harmony. You might even have a regional dating site which might be even more effective.

5. Know her:
Trying to know a girl and understanding her feelings genuinely is the best way to attract a younger woman. Most young girls are likely less mature and more emotional, therefore understanding them is a key for a better relationship. Try to know her likes and dislikes, and try to keep your 'Mr. Mature' brain in a low gear. Many girls are simply attracted by the fact that a man is listening to her with a great attention. Ask about her family and her friends, try to get a bit personal. She should understand that you care for her genuinely.

6. Remove the Age Factor from your own brain:
Do not bring up the age factor repeatedly, in fact if the age difference is bothering you too much then you are probably not prepared to get into this relationship at the first place. Just think yourself and the younger girl as two individuals trying to get friendly regardless of the age factor.

7. Take it easy:
If you try to move forward your relationship too fast, you will likely end it because you did not give enough time to build a solid foundation of trust and love. If you ask her to do things too quickly which she is not comfortable yet, she will likely turn you down. Not all younger women want to date older men, that too at a fast pace. Therefore do not pressurize her into anything. Make sure she likes you.

8. Flirt a bit:
Men tend to become lesser and lesser Flirt'ish with age. Once your relationship has started to take foundation, start thinking what she expects. All women like some level of flirting and romantic gestures. This does not mean you start talking about s*x directly, there are several other ways to flirt.

9. Remember dates:
Make sure you remember her birthday and possibly celebrate a monthly anniversary when you two met for the first time. Take care of her favourite colors and every once in a while take her out for shopping.

10. Cute Gifts:
Lets say you have started seeing a younger woman and the relationship is still in its initial stages. If you want to move forward then gifts like flowers, cute jewelery and unexpected surprises are a powerful tool to take your relationship to the next level.

This article not been written for men trying to attract young underage girls but it is for a more mature age audience. It is also not designed so that anyone can cheat on younger women, but it is designed to provide some pointers for a more sensible relationship. In most cases it is not recommended to get into relationship with girls younger than 10 years from you. Never try to play with emotions of others. Additionally be very careful that you are not breaking any laws. You should never date a girl just for her age, but look for compatibility and the common values you share. Personally, I have always preferred dating with similar age men but there are my ideas on this topic.

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