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How to Publish Articles Online for Free?

BY: Jessica | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2009-11-06

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Publishing articles online is the latest craze around this world and this concept is not going away. People who have never written online articles are always in a dilemma where and how to publish their articles. Every author wants that their work should reach hundreds or thousands of people all over the world, additionally they should get recognition for their work. Therefore the place where you publish your article is extremely important.

I have been writing articles for over 7 years and during this time I tried everything. I have seen good places to publish articles and some bad ones too. There are some places which are easy to use while others make this process unnecessary complicated. In this article I will tell you one of the best places to write online articles.

1. Right here on this site: (my favourite)
From the last 2 years, I have been publishing all my articles on this site. Its easy, fast and this site is able to get a lot of readers for my articles, more than I have ever got elsewhere. Some people even leave comments on my articles. The editorial staff is friendly and it gives you can basically write on any topic. I have written articles on finance, family, personal, education and you name it. If you are looking for a site to publish your articles, this site (saching.com) is probably your best bet. When I initially came to this site, the name sounded a bit strange but then you quickly realize that it is the result and readership which eventually matters. Sites names like Google, Yahoo, Youtube or Flickr make no sense either but they are famous for their service and thats what made then famous. This site has been recognized on several places on the internet. The best part I like about this website is that they accept articles by email and there is no mandatory requirement to create a personal account.

2. Wikipedia:
If you want to improve the online encyclopedia, feel free to edit it's content. Although there is no individual recognition, but your work is constantly improved by everyone on the internet. There are similar sites like Google Knol where you can publish articles on informative topics. Since there is no personal recognition I avoid wikipedia, but wikipedia is the #1 online encyclopedia and there is no doubt about it.

3. Create your own Blog or Website:
If you want the ultimate control, then create your own free blog using wordpress blog service. I have done that earlier myself but the biggest challenge was getting people to read my articles. I was getting one-tenth readers on my own blog than what I get here. Actually, to make a personal blog famous you have to do a lot of website marketing which common people like us have no idea about, we also have no time for marketing. There are millions of personal blogs out there, and 90% of them starve for readers and majority of the just get a handful of visitors a day. Therefore people like me eventually stop writing on blogs. It is believed that a large percentage of blogs on sites like typepad, wordpress and others are now inactive. You can try to make money from your blog but it is too little in most cases and leads to frustration than just enjoying plain and simple writing.

4. Ezines:
There are many ezine sites which claim that your article will be distributed to hundreds of other website. The issue with that is approach is that not all but one copy of your article eventually wins and rest others are classified as duplicated by search engine. Additionally ezine sites receive a lot of marketing and spam submissions and your personal identity is almost lost. I would rather publish my articles on a website like this one because number of articles published per day is limited. My article usually stays on homepage for a good period of time.

In this article my opinion looks biased in favor of this website, obviously it is because I like publish my own articles here. I am not purposely doing a publicity for them but writing my personal genuine opinion. Hope to see you around here.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

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