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How to Manage Stress Before Exams

BY: SEdwin | Category: Education | Post Date: 2010-02-24

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Exams are a period that is very highly stressful for the person taking the exam. A person need not be a young child who is in school to take an exam. There are many people who have a life full of learning and all of them have stress when they face an exam. The person attending an interview for a job may also have the same kind of stress and this is applicable to all people who are stressed before a important phase of their life.

There are various methods and steps that are involved in beating the stress and being relaxed before the exam. This article gives a list of the various things that can be done to make sure that you have decreased stress.

1. Write what causes the stress:

The first step in relieving the stress is to know what is causing the stress. The exam of course is the main cause of the stress, but other than the exam, there could be other factors involved in the stress too. There may be a specific subject in your exams that is causing a lot of stress. There could also be something that is totally unrelated to the exam that is causing you the stress but since you are about to write an exam, you might feel that you have exam stress. Writing it down will help you identify the problem and may help you in overcoming the specific aspect of the stress.

2. Make a schedule:

Making a schedule is a very important aspect of dealing with the exam stress. People who are not organized before the exam are the one who are more stressed. This is mainly because the person is not able to organize the time available on the hands and this causes more stress just before the exams. Making a schedule to organize the time better will help to prevent all these problems.

3. Finish studying:

This seems to be one of the most difficult aspects before an exam. There are many people who do not finish studying before the exam and this causes the person to have a lot of stress. To prevent this, the person should make sure that they are able to finish their subjects before the exams.

4. Revise before the exams:

The day before the exam, the person should try to make a revision of all the various subjects that have been studied. This will give more confidence and will make you feel that you have completed studying and that you are ready to face the exam.

5. Test your knowledge:

Try to answer a few mock questions that you have. This testing of knowledge can also be done with your friends as you ask your friends to ask questions and you can try answering them. This is one of the best methods of getting yourself ready for the exam and also being stress free.

These are the various methods of managing stress and decreasing the stress just before the exams.

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