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How the love starts between a Boy and a Girl

BY: Roshan | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-05-15

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Dear friend,

Hope you too have a Close friend who is of Opposite sex, say a Girl/Boy. Then you worth reading my article and atleast a beam of smile flashes in you .. and this is a bet ..

Be frank, if I ask whom you are missing more, then you would hesitate to say you are missing your close friend but it is true that you are really missing her.. because ... because.!!!

I too don't know.. but it is written on every back.. that we are fascinated and want to know more about them..

We always want to walk with her, and talk to her heart...from the depth of ours...

We always want her to be happy and we try to keep her comfortable..

If she smiles or if she accept our words, then we will feel a relaxation in mind...

If she argues with you, you don't take it seriously. instead you try to keep her winning with your unproofed talks...

You believe it or not, the depth of feelings you express around her.. the depth of innocence you try to imitate around her... the intense feeling you show her... is all true and you feel that she is the only person who deserve...

You feel she is the only person who understands you...

.. As time goes..
You Talk more..
You Express more..
You feel more...
You Spend more time around her words.. and the love starts

This impression builds a frequency.. which has matched yours..

If any a day.. you don't see her.. then.. you think. you are missing something..
If any time she comes little late.. then you feel she is very late...
If any a time you see her with any other guy, you are jealous..

This kind of situations.. bring a ego.. due to which..

You may not talk to her properly(Indeed you want to ..but you want her to do)
You don't see her (You would have seen her, but pretend as if you have not)
you don't Call her up (You would have typed the SMS saying..Sorry.. for many a times .. but you would have not sent it)

You try to build a gap between yourself.. This gap... builds a force of Attraction, which brings a desire to have her be with you forever..

You don't want to miss her..any time. The gap and the time.. has strengthen the bond and understanding.. which.. bonds you with a special kind of Feelings...
This is How the love starts between a Boy and a Girl

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Its True
What u have written here is really true. I agree . Thanks for this artice which really reflects our feelings and goes...
Frind 2009-05-17
Nice one
Dear Author, what a nice way to present your thought.... Simple yet a powerful impact !! Loved your Article .. Ria from Bombay.
Friend 2009-05-15

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