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How much money do bloggers make | Is blogging a good idea?

BY: Jessica | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2009-08-18

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Great stories about online blogging:
We have all heard stories about online bloggers making thousands of dollars every month, week or whatever. Well, some of those stories are indeed true. But not more than 10% bloggers make any significant money and not more than 0.01% bloggers take blogging as their primary profession. Blogging is a hobby/profession which requires no or minimal investment resulting in truck loads (may be ship loads) of people jumping in it every day into the blogging world.

READ THIS: According to Technorati in 2008: About 70 million blogs exist today and 95 percent of blogs are abandoned because they do not make money or do no get enough traffic.

My guess / best estimate on how much money do bloggers earn:
Most blogs do not earn more than $5-$10 per day even after being online for months or couple of years. Not more than 2-3 thousand bloggers in the whole world earn $5000 or more per month. Few other bloggers (say 10 to 15 thousand) make $1000 or more per month. I do not have any official figures but from my experience, researching online and talking to some other bloggers helped me to reach these rough numbers. These numbers might very well be too optimistic. Websites run by corporations, newspapers, shopping sites, forums etc .. are not considered as blogs. Blogs are run by an individual or a group of individuals.

Not many people earn good money though online blogging:
Blogging has become a "herd behavior", there are millions of blogs and hundreds of people start a new blog every single day. Last I read online - there are a total of 168 million domain names that are registered online (in year 2009), so even if 10 percent of those belong to people involved in online writing or blogging, that's a lot of competition. So even if there are 25,000 blogs which earn more than 500 dollars a month that's a very low success rate. Almost nest to nothing considering that there are millions of online blogs. If you are planning to earn atleast $100 a month, then my guess is you need to write 1-2 very good articles a day for atleast a year. In our bloggers world, there is a common saying, "Content is the King". If you Ad. placement is done well, then you roughly need 200 page impressions (about 150 unique visitors) to earn every dollar. Additionally your traffic should contain more than 30% US based (or western country) visitors, because most heavy clicks do not come from developing countries. Most blogs get more than 70% traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Therefore in order to make good mony by blogging, you need to have a good ranking with search engines.

How tough is it out there:
Competition for earning money is not just difficult - its fierce and brutal. So anyone thinking to write articles only for money is a bad idea. The better approach is to not worry about earning money, just write for fun, and write on topics you love to write. People write better articles when they write for hobby than for money, because there is no pressure. Web traffic grows only when you write high-quality original articles, that people find useful, informative, compelling and may be profound. Never copy articles or even section of articles from other places. If your site/blog is classified as the one containing too much duplicate content then you risk losing your Adsense account or getting removed from search engines alltogether.

Almost all bloggers use Google Adsense as their primary source to make money online. Some bigger bloggers do get private advertising deals with with corporations directly which are usually lucrative. Earning money online requires a lot of patience, and to earn good money is even more difficult. Getting your first $100 check from Google Adsense is very difficult, then the pace of earning money gradually increases with time. There is no good or bad topic to write articles because writing on topics which pay better already have too much competition. Most people will agree that articles on travel, finance, technology, health and dating pay better than others.

Activity of writing articles is much more involved than many people would think. There are full time bloggers who devote 40 to 70 hours directly or indirectly to their blogs. It is easy to run out of ideas after a while. The passion to earn more money by blogging can soon become quite stressful. Soon enough you will find yourself competing for first page on search engines. You will then try to work hard to get listed in Dmoz and to get a good Google Pagerank. Then you realize that your natural style of writing articles is not good enough, you need to start writing articles that are SEO optimized. For example in this article I have used the phrase "How much money do bloggers make" a few times.

Is it worth trying to create my own blog:
Of course it is, never give up on things in life easily. But at the same time have low expectations considering the fact that Blogging has become a "herd behavior".

How to become an online blogger:
It's very simple, just visit Google's blogger website "blogger.com". If you know a bit about programming then it's better to register your own domain name and use a free software like Wordpress. Some people try selling their articles to other bloggers, but too many land up not getting paid. There are too many scammers out there.

About me / Why am I writing here on this website:
I am a teacher and writing is my hobby. I went through the process of "Blogging for money" thing 2 years back but it did not work for me. I was putting in too much time for too little money. I therefore decided to just write for hobby on a site where people read my articles more than when I tried creating my own blog. I get more satisfaction this way, even though I do not make money. All authors on this website write for hobby only. But they get more readers for their articles because thousands of people like you already come here to read articles. This is not an advertising for this site, but my personal honest opinion.

My online writing experience has given me opportunity to meet so many different online authors, many of them are famous bloggers too. I know of many individuals, young and old who have had frustrating experience with blogging and Google Adsense, only for some it worked well. Most of them are glued to their computer and even if they wake up in the night, the first thing they do is to check their Adsense account.

Always blog for fun and never get too serious about the money generated by your blog. Concentrate on writing few good articles and not writing several low quality articles. One good article will do better than several short ones. Blogging is good for housewives, retired workers and possibly students looking to make some extra money, but more than everything - they love writing articles.

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