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How To Have More Success In Your MLM Business

BY: James Hicks | Category: Business and Finance | Post Date: 2010-02-26

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   James Hicks
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MLM marketing can be a very difficult industry to be successful in, those involved for some time will know what I mean. Astonishingly over ninety five percent of mlm marketers don't make any profit. I had exactly the same issues when I started. When I first took up mlm marketing I found it extremely difficult to sponsor anyone, I did sponsor a few but they dropped out of the business very soon, I did make a small amount of money selling the products as they were actually quite good. Many an hour I spent madly trying to show my prospects that my network marketing proposition was what they needed to achieve their dreams.

Many fall into the trap of moving around to different companies, one company doesn't make them any money so they assume the company and products are no good. There is no doubt in my mind that the mlm model is the best around for building residual wealth but it's essential that you get to grips with how to do it right. You must learn the real secrets to getting people to join your downline and then motivating them to take action, otherwise you will keep banging your head against the wall regardless of which company you join.

Of course you need to work with a company that sells products that people actually want but more importantly a product that people NEED. You need to ask yourself the question, if the product did not have a compensation plan attached to it would it still sell? If you are unable to answer that question with a yes then for definite you ought to change to a different company. Consider how you will develop your organisation, have you got a large list of prospects? A lot of folk starting up in the mlm industry won't have and so will have a tough time keeping the leads flowing in and an mlm business with no leads is NEVER going to get off the ground.

For 6 years I had exactly the same issues and was continually scrounging around for leads using techniques such as making those horrible cold calls, talking to my friends about my business and leaving those annoying cards on people's cars. Things got really bad for me and I was ready to throw the towel in and forget my dreams, but one day I had the thought of building my business online. It made sense as instantly I have a database of potentially millions of leads but as many people discover building a business online is not always as easy as it sounds especially if you have no marketing budget.

I've spent a large amount of money on various training courses and materials to learn internet marketing and I can tell you that it DOES work, you are going to have to work at it though, it's like any other business platform, it will take a large amount of work. Don't be fooled though into thinking that you can now hide behind a computer for the rest of your life, you will still need to get out there and do your phone calls and belly to belly interactions. When you grasp the concepts of marketing online you will indeed be able to produce some excellent results in a short time frame. My advice to you if you are thinking about jumping online and building your mlm business would be to get started right away, in a year you could realistically be earning 5 figures a month.

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About Author / Additional Info: To experience EXPONENTIAL achievement in your MLM business you need to grasp the philosophy of network marketing and how to successfully bring people into your company. You need the right mlm success training. To gain knowledge of the REAL secrets to marketing your MLM on the internet drop in on my online mlm training centre to claim your free training www.Top-Online-Earners.com

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