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How To Deal With Teething Pain Of Babies

BY: Jessica | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2009-09-14

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Surprisingly, a baby starts the process of developing teeth in the mothers womb itself. By the time the baby is ready to see the outside world, he or she already has a complete structure of 20 primary teeth that will sprout over the coming two and a half years. Each child is different and it is hard to say when exactly you will be able to see that first white tooth of your baby. Some babies are born with one or two visible teeth whereas some don't get them as late as eight months. However, on an average, the first one or two teeth start to become visible between 4 to 8 months and when that does happen, babies gums become swollen and tender leading to some pain and discomfort in the gums. Different babies react differently towards teething pain but most of the times babies get fussy and irritable during this time, whereas some babies do just fine as if nothing is going on.

There are common myths about teething pain, the most common being that while teething babies can get fever or an upset stomach. This is not true, if your baby gets fever during teething that means that something else is wrong with the baby that might need medical attention. Also, a upset stomach is mainly due to some kind of infection that a baby can get by putting various objects in to the mouth. If a baby is experiencing teething pain, then most likely he or she will try to bite at whatever the baby can get hold of, several objects in the house may carry germs that may lead to a upset stomach. Therefore, it is very important to keep the surroundings of the baby very clean, also frequent sanitizing of baby toys is also highly recommended. There are several ways to deal with the teething pain of babies if the pain gets more intense and the baby is not taking it to well. Here are some ways to relieve babies from teething pain:-

Teething Rings
There are several teething rings available in the market that the baby can bite and chew at because biting and chewing gives babies relief from teething pain. There are some teething rings that have liquid filled in them and so they can be kept in the freezer and then given to the baby, this really works very well for the babies because the cold feeling soothes their gums.

Frozen Fruits
Another helpful way to deal with the teething pain of babies is by giving them frozen soft fruits like grapes, banana, cantaloupe ect. in a feeder that is safe for babies. There are feeders that come with a plastic hoop on one side and a net bag at the other end. You can put the frozen fruits in the net bag and close the lid so that the baby can hold the plastic hoop and nibble at the net bag with fruit in it. This encourages the baby to bite at the fruit and the cold fruit in return gives them relief from the teething pain.

Wipe away the drool
Most babies drool a lot during teething which can lead to a rash. Therefore try to wipe your babies face with a warm cloth as frequently as possible if he or she is drooling otherwise the drool can cause a rash.

Keep the Gums Clean
You can start cleaning the gums of your baby as early as when the baby is born. Roll a slightly wet wash cloth on your finger and massage the babies gums with it in a round circular motion. This will keep the gums clean and will avoid the building up of any bacteria. This can be done even before the baby has any teeth.

Over the counter medicine
If the pain is very intense and the baby seems to be cranky and irritable all the time then the best bet is to give some over the counter pain relief medicine to the baby. The most common over the counter medicines are infant Tylenol or Motrin but it is always advisable to ask your doctor first before giving any medication.

These are some of the ways that according to me can help a teething baby but if the baby seems to be in a lot of pain or is very irritable, please see a doctor, i'm not a medical expert.

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