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How I got My Writing Job - A Lot of Persistence and Hard Work for starters..

BY: lenlen79 | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2009-09-06

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I may give tips on how to get a writing job, though I am not really a professional writer..just as yet.. but it may be really a lot of patience, persistence, hard work and add a bit of good luck..

I am enjoying my job as an article writer for the past several weeks now. My previous article here talked about how I was able to get the job. Maybe it was the short cut to a long story.... so here goes.

There were two readers of my article who asked for tips on how I got the job. I would share the facts on how I was able to get this writing job and if you consider these as good tips, well, that would be nice; at least I was able to help in my own little way.

Talk about persistence...I thought it was a description of me...I was a hard core persistent applicant to all job sites I know of- craigslist, bestjobs, onlinewrtingjob sites, local job sites, learn4good , jobs in the city and other online job advertizers.

I kept on applying online and sending my resume if they asked for it and send some writing samples or refer them to my blog or to this site-Saching.com ( thanks ..I think some prospective employers did check this site out ). So don't give up on your application.......... just continue sending them out. One thing though, I did not follow up on any application I sent to those ads.I just normally accepted it that maybe I didn't fit their requirement if I didn't get any response at all.

Be patient- sometimes advertisers need time to respond. I got some responses which took 2 or 3 days, they emailed me an application on line and I was asked to do an article writing test. Okay, you have to be careful about this- I did a couple of tests articles and the advertisers didn't get back to me..I checked the sites where they asked me to pick a subject to write about and that particular subject was not listed anymore..so I was duped..well it goes with the experience..

Continue writing and do so on free sites like this so you can have references when prospective employers ask for them.

Oh, be on the alert for every opportunity that you think is coming your way. Just grab the chance and hope for good luck to come your way.

And, if you are religious or not, I did some praying...okay.. a lot of praying actually and it worked !!

My job is to write a 500 word article on general topics such as health, self improvements and other topics my employer ask me to write about. I normally get a weekly quota of 20 articles, not less than 500 words,with correct punctuation, grammar and spelling and most of all my articles must pass Copyscape. So far, I am doing pretty well as all my articles are approved by my employer. I am satisfied with the dollar rate I get per article plus the bonus I get from my employer.

That's it. Hope this helps. Thanks a lot for taking time to read this. I'm going back to my writing job now. Funny...I consider this as a break from work... but I am still writing... next time I'll write shorter...till then.. :)

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Thanks for the tips !!
Raj 2009-09-06

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