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How Can Link Exchange Boost a Site's Ranking Power

BY: Cristian Lungu | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2010-02-19

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   Cristian Lungu
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Reciprocal links - Prohibited or Encouraged?

Reciprocal linking is without doubt one of the most disputed subjects in the SEO community. The reason for this is because they simultaneously can greatly contribute to your link network and also damage it pretty seriously.

One thing is certain though, Google is getting better by the semester in finding and demoting low quality link exchanges to zero and even negative values.

As a matter of fact, reciprocation in link building is encouraged by major search engines as long as its sole purpose is promoting relevant content among niche related sites.

There are 2 directions to follow

1. Build reciprocal links by going beyond you niche limits. This will benefit you short term but once practicing these obscure exchanges chances are you'll get penalized.

2. Staying in your field; although it takes more time to find and initiate quality link exchanges opportunities, keeping the relevancy level high will empower your sites position in that niche's organic listings.

Still, keep in mind that it takes time to build a presence online and brand yourself. The good news is you build a solid foundation for selling your product or service.

Once a strong portfolio of one way links is built, a good source of additional links - not necessarily quality links - stands in link exchanges, granted that a certain level of pertinence (or relevancy) is assured.

This tactic it's beneficial as it enables you to build relevancy for your website by extensively using targeted keywords as anchor texts.

Junky back links are not a thing to worry about as long as you don't return the favor.

Mutual promoting each partner website is a great way of using link reciprocation, given that each promotional content is accompanied by a back link to the referee.

Reciprocal links provide credibility and recognition when employed transparently in your niche market. No matter how productive they might be, you should know that it doesn't have always to be 2-ways.

Then again, this statement is contradicted by our incorrigible human nature that constantly cries the "what's in it for me" exception.

The answer is to build good quality content that other marketers feel they need to relate to and debate on social platforms such as forums, blogs and bookmarking sites.

An efficient way to promoting your own content is to dissimulate it among other good content resources. Only when your potential linking partner is assured of your trustfulness is he willing to consider your pitch.

The wide majority of link building proposals are turned down or simply ignored "thanks" to excessive automated requests. Alternative? Personally address webmasters.

When to forget about Reciprocal Linking

Once you start getting involved with the reciprocal linking networks, consider this:

1. Linking Networkers are exclusively occupied by sites with no natural rankings in the SERPs. Adding to this an unrelated niche and you have a toxic neighbor you shouldn't be caught around by Google.

2. These site's reason of being is quick selling a product. Many of them are affiliate sites systematically disregarded by search engines in the SERP ranking competition.

3. Keyword stuffing and hype copy is every spammer's credo. Take a quick look at these available partner sites, and you'll feel their value.

4. Artificial link building is case sensitive for Google especially when it involves reciprocating links in enclosed schemes.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: The final part of this article deals with deceptive link exchange schemes many black hated webmasters use. Read here: www.trafficcpanel.com/1005/1005reciprocal-links-steering-clear-of-one-seo-controversy/ Another great read is a list of link building damaging practices, also found on my blog. Here's the path: www.trafficcpanel.com/737/14-points-dont-do-checklist-for-building-backlinks/

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