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Hottest Sectors in the next decade

BY: EHSAAS Team | Category: Business and Finance | Post Date: 2009-12-25

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   EHSAAS Team
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With the rising rupee and forecasts of a slump in the US economy, the IT sector though still hot will not don the role of driving Indian economy in the next decade. Manufacturing sector will perform as it always does: slowly yet steadily under the shadow of big brother China and chained with bureaucratic wrangles and populism. Biotechnology could not sustain its early promise and will not be a high growth sector in the near future. Banking and Financial Services sector is set for a bumpy ride with the complete implementation of Bassel 2 norms resulting in the opening up of the Indian Banking Sector to Foreign banks and Financial Institutions fully from 2009. Pharma embarks on an equally treacherous path with the implementation of TRIPS making the implementation of IPR laws in India stricter. What are the sectors then that are likely to drive India's economy into the projected high trajectory growth of over 8% in the next decade?

The first would be the Infrastructure Sector. With predictions of close to 5 billion dollars of investment in this sector in the next decade, Infrastructure Sector is set for a rapid growth. High Growth areas within Infrastructure would be Energy, steel, cement, telecom, real estate, construction, metals, aggro products and power.

Next on my list is the Retail sector. Organized Retail is set for a huge take off despite facing opposition from all fronts. But it is becoming indispensable as the huge middle class demands better quality, ease of shopping, more value for its money and more variety. As a result, Retail Sector is set to grow 4 folds in the next 5 years and will create job opportunities for millions.

Auto parts and ancillary industries will also see huge business in the next decade with the offshoring model of the IT being successfully replicated here. Indigenous parts production will satisfy the requirements of not just the domestic demand but also of the auto markets located abroad with the low cost bug catching up. China, however, would be a tough competitor in this sector.

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