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Homelessness In America - A Worsening Situation

BY: Ms Royce | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2008-07-22

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   Ms  Royce
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The homeless situation is worsening across the country. There are more homeless than shelter beds to accommodate them. Thousands are turned away each year because there is no room at the shelter. This is a horrible situation that must be rectified and yet the numbers of homeless are increasing. What will they do when the temperatures hover and drop below freezing? Those who find shelter in the parks and alley ways will freeze to death because there was no room for them.

It isn't just people on welfare or who have no money who seek shelter, but the working poor as well. For example it is estimated that to afford a rental in Colorado a person needs to earn $14 an hour. Most of the working poor who are homeless earn considerable less, more like $7.00 or less. They can't afford the high rents and the security deposits.

The Colorado Coalition To End Homelessness, said the increase in homelessness is up by 8 percent. As the economy continues to worsen, the homeless situation will only increase. One expert said it is worse now than he has ever seen it. And he has worked for twenty five years to provide shelter to the needy. Another stated it was scary how many were in need of shelter, and yet there are no funds to enlarge the present facilities.

It isn't just Colorado that has been hit hard, but other states as well. This is not a local problem, but a national one. The President is spending out tax dollars very fast to send overseas. He needs to be aware of the human needs right here in America.

Imagine if instead of asking every child to give one dollar to the Afghan refugees, he had asked for a dollar from every child to help the homeless? It would be a solution for many who only need a cash boost to get them into a decent apartment. These are hard working people who are store clerks, fast food employees, housekeepers, aids and others who are stuck in low-paying jobs. They deserve not to be forgotten.

Across the United States requests for shelter increased 13 to 25% and yet the shelters remained stagnate. There was no money to expand them. And it wasn't just large cities but smaller suburban areas as well. Even people formerly in the middle class are feeling the effects of layoffs. Bankruptcies and foreclosures have increased.

If you care, call or write your local legislator and ask what he or she is doing to help the homeless. Let this year be a year of action for our brothers and sisters left out in the cold.

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About Author / Additional Info: My name is Royce and I love to write on topics that I am passionate about. There are far too many homeless people in the United States and this situation needs to be rectified. There needs to be more funding to expand our current homeless shelters across America. There are currently more animal shelters than homeless shelters. http://www.royceclassifiedads.com

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