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Hoaxes and false alerts - How to protect yourself from them.

BY: Roshan | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2009-05-06

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You would have definitely come across these kind of messages


Just received this info from Mumbai...
If anyone calls you saying he is from mobile company and ask you to type #09 or #90,
Please do not do so and cut the call,
because this is an attempt of Pakistan Jihads to find out your SIM card number to make use of it.

Its confirmed by Nokia and Motorola and can be verified from CNN website .

Please inform as many people as u can.


You will find many such debunked hoaxes in f-secure.com and hoax-slayer.com

Concept of these hoaxes and false alerts
It is wise to be concerned about the spread of computer viruses. People attempting to be good web neighbors will often send out alerts to notify their online acquaintances about the emergence of a new virus and how to recognize it.

Some unsavory characters take advantage of the hype generated by viruses and create their own false alerts. While hoaxes are not harmful they do take up a lot of space on the already bogged-down Internet, and they are yet something else to deal with in a busy workday.

Recognize a Hoax or a and false alert
Hoaxes are usually simple to recognize - if you have the time to do so. Most people are so busy, and have so many other e-mail messages to read, that they rarely take the time to critically analyze an otherwise obvious virus alert hoax. Below are some clues to help expose hoaxes.

A virus alert is probably a hoax if:
* It has an extremely long sequence of forwarded addresses
* It demands that you SEND THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!
* It opens with an attempt to legitimize itself
* "I am a computer technician..."
* "My friend works for XYZ computer company..."
* It warns of exaggerated consequences

What to do with hoaxes

If you receive a warning about a virus DON'T PANIC, and do not send the warning out to everyone you know.

Go to a reliable web site that posts information about viruses and hoaxes to VERIFY that the virus is real. Refer to the Resources list below for appropriate sites.

If the email is a hoax, call the person who passed the bogus information on to you and EDUCATE them by telling them these steps.

If the virus is real, PROTECT your agency by informing your Technology Support staff and/or the rest of your agency staff.

RESPONSIBLY INFORM others you know by including a statement like: "I have personally verified that this virus is real and not a hoax" and insert a link to the verifying source of information.

PREVENT your own personal disaster by ensuring that you have active virus protection software installed on your computer and update it routinely. New viruses are invented monthly.

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A helpful Info
It is really a helpful info and please read and follow it
Anonymus 2009-05-07

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