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History and the growth of postal services in India.

BY: Sreeni | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-10-11

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This topic is written to briefly discuss the history of postal services in India in the past hundreds of years ago and gradual growth happened till the present. If we look back to the history, feel something new and surprising. Some hundreds of years ago, the country was ruled by various emperors. Those days there were no electronic and other wire technologies. Hence their main source of communication was human messenger only.

The person had to travel by walk or by horse in order to transmit the important political, economical information or any other personal invitations. They used to travel hundreds of kilometers in 7 days or 10 days accordingly by horse post system to transmit the important messages. There were other systems such as pigeon post which was in use for short distances and used selectively for less times. They used to train the pigeon in order to carry the information from one place to another place. The other system was Camel post which was limited to the selective areas. The gradual growth and development of postal communication services were happened in the reign of Moghul emperors and followed by later rulers. At the time of Moghul kings, they exclusively set-up various post houses for every limited distance and established hundreds of postal houses. One dispatch assistance for each postal house was dedicatedly working to collect and dispatch the mails.

Later on the trading activities have increased in India and big traders started the exchange of mail and postal services with the permission of rulers and were paying the fee for the usage of postal mail exchanges between various other trading companies. Due to the necessity and mandatory usage of regular mailing and courier services for business purposes, East India company first set-up their own postal services company in the region of Bombay and Madras. But those services extensively used for trading activities between the companies. Since it was successfully worked out, the posting services had facilitated for public as well. In order to take care of mailings and postal activities a position called post master general was introduced. The postal company was providing the services for some amount of fee or charge for which a separate set of tokens used.

There after a committee had established separately with a view of starting Indian Postal Act and under that act, the postal rates, procedures, routes and branches etc planned to implement the system. It was properly designed as expected. All these activities such as set-up of own company post and following activities took place at the time of British ruling in India. A commission had introduced to regularize the Indian post office act and also introduced postage stamps for usage of postal services. Finally postal services became main source of communication to the public. There was one more service called telegrams which is used to communicate very urgent information.

Now from past around two decades, the private courier services entered into the market and playing major role in providing the fast mailing services. They provide the mailing services for both domestic and international locations. Private courier companies charge more than the government postal charges but services are very fast comparatively as the couriers reach the other states within India in 24 hrs. Because they use air travel services for long distance locations. But the coverage of areas to deliver the courier services has not spread across the village and sub urban levels. In spite of that demand for government postal services is still there and increasing as it is economical and services reach to the small villages also.

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