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Help to choose a right career

BY: books_freek | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-07-27

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Choosing a right career is very important to know yourself and to understand your preference before you choose a career. Often we like something and we dislike certain other things say you like physics but you dislike chemistry. However it's important to finish a basic level in chemistry to get a science degree. On the other side a person may dislike a subject because he/ she is unable to score high or may find difficulty in understanding , but beware avoiding a subject for such reasons can make you regret in future.

Parents should take particular interest in their children's studies. A fourth grade boy may find maths difficult; playing with numbers isn't everybody's cup of tea. But this discomfort in a subject can make him choose a wrong career. For instance he may want to join mechanical engineering, but his fear towards numbers could change his mind towards law. The same boy would have shown interest in physics but prefers taking law just to avoid maths. Thus helping students in a subject allowing them to enjoy and understand is very vital.

If the parents feel that special tutoring should be done for their child at an early age in a particular subject that should be of a great help to the student. The tutors must take care that the student, if finding difficulty with a particular subject then the concepts should be made clear in a simpler form. Real time examples should be used.

Instead of saying add 1+1, practical techniques should be used like - place two apples and ask them to count. These techniques can be used for almost all the subjects. Simpler concepts help the student to understand where the application is done. Choosing a right career is very important.

Certain kids may be specific what they want to do in their life and choose their career instantly, while others may not be the same. Few students change their mind as they grow up. You will notice that some students would have said that they want to be a lawyer in their teenage but later choose pilot. In such case it clearly shows the student is unable to be specific in understanding his talent, interest, and his subject of choice.

It is recommended that in such circumstances parents observe the child to see the talent the child possesses in him. Few many be good at drawing and painting, few many be good at making things like origami or crafts or few many have vocational talent or write stories or poems. You may also find singing and dancing talent in kids. Deciding which is the right career depends a lot on your personal interest as well.

Hence it is important that parents try helping their kids bring those talents out. The school should also take interest in understanding each student's interest and talent.

Couple of times we see that students chose career because of trend. Proper guidance should be given to them, as trend keeps changing but it's only the students interest and talent which will help which excellence them in life. I have observed few students who are good at ‘finance' but prefer taking ‘human resources' just because they see vacancies or follow their friends. These reasons could help them for a short time but future is at risk, because they aren't good and comfortable in this field and it's too late to change their stream. Thus it is very important to show the child the suitable and right way and grab his/her focus and attention in that subject, to see a better future of the child. Selection right career is important, do it intelligently.

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