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Health tips for senior citizens

BY: SEdwin | Category: Social Issues | Post Date: 2010-02-20

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As a person gets old, they are more prone to get various diseases. The diseases that are seen in older people are much more severe and also damaging to the person. As a person gets old, they should try to increase the care that is given to their body. This will help to prevent various diseases from occurring. The person will also be able to counter and fight against the diseases that are already present if adequate care is given to the health.

There are various methods of making sure that the person is able to take care of their health better. This article gives a few amazing health tips that will benefit every senior citizen.

1. Reduced salt intake:

Almost every old person has a variation in the blood pressure. If the bold pressure is elevated, then the person should consume food that has decreased salt content in it. Other than the decreased salt, the person should also make sure that they monitor their blood pressure regularly to identify any abnormal changes in this as early as possible. The reason for this is that if the blood pressure changes are identified, the person can have early treatment that can prevent complications like stroke from occurring.

2. Reduced fat intake:

As a person gets older, the amount of physical activity done by the person decreases automatically. There should be a corresponding decrease in the amount of calories that are consumed by the person. There are times when the person consumes reduced fat, but other foods that contain a large amount of calories causes the person to have an increased amount of calories. This can cause the person to get complications like block in the arteries and also increased cholesterol.

3. Diabetes:

This is another common condition that a person gets as they get old. Though this disease has started appearing in people who are middle aged, the disease is much more prevalent in older people. This is a very dangerous disease and causes various other complications to the person in other body systems. There are a few simple methods of preventing these complications and that is by doing adequate physical activity to burn off the calories that are consumed excessively. Other than the physical activity, the person should also have an eye on the diet to make sure that excess calories are not coneumed.

4. Drinking water:

Water is a very important part of the diet. Older people should consume more water to prevent various diseases of the kidney and also the prevention of kidney stones.Adequate consumption of water also helps the person to look young and be active.

5. Mental alertness:

Other than the physical fitness, the older age group people should also make sure that they are mentally fit. There ae various games that can be played to keep the mind alert. The person can also make sure that they read as much as possible to keep their mind sharp.

These are the various activities that should be done by a person who is old to make sure that they are fit and have good health.

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