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Health benefits of fish oil: Good for Heart, Hair, Brain & Arthritis

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Food and Drinks | Post Date: 2009-07-20

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Fish oil is one of the most important natural foods that are present. It has many benefits if consumed. The main ingredient is the Omega 3 essential fatty acid that is present in the fish oil. It has benefits for many systems in the human body. This article gives a brief outline of the many health benefits of consuming fish oil.

The various systems that are affected positively by the fish oil are:

1. Heart:
The fish oil is one of the most important foods that help in decreasing the risk of heart attacks. Fish oil increases the good cholesterol that is the HDL or high density Lipoprotein. It also helps in reducing the Low density Lipoprotein or LDL from the body. This effectively helps in reducing the risk of heart attacks.

2. Pregnancy: Women are encouraged to take these fish oils during pregnancy because of the many benefits that the fish oil has on the child to be born. The fish oil helps in the development of the brain of the child. This makes it important part of the diet of a pregnant woman.

3. Brain functions: Fish oil is also a very important in people who have memory loss problems. Fish oil helps to increase the memory. It also prevents various mental disorders that can occur. Psychosis and other psychiatric problems have been found to be reduced with intake of fish oil.

4. Arthritis and other inflammatory conditions: Fish oil can be effectively used to combat many inflammatory conditions. The common inflammatory condition that is treated with fish oil is the different types of arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. Fish oil intake helps to reduce this inflammation.

5. Hair and skin care: The consumption of fish oil helps to keep the scalp and the skin in a good condition. This prevents excessive hair fall. This also helps to keep the skin healthy.

6. Psychiatric disorders: Fish oil is very helpful to deal with various psychiatric conditions like Attention deficit disorders. It also helps to prevent excessive anxiety and depression. Thus it is given as a supplement for people who are on psychiatric treatment.

7. Other benefits: Fish oil has various other benefits like:

1. Preventing cancers of certain types
2. Increasing memory
3. Prevents childhood disorders.
4. Decreases risk of stroke.
5. Keeps the skin healthy.

These are the various benefits of using fish oil as part of the nutrition. Fish oil should not be used to replace the existing nutrition of a person. Instead, it should be a supplement that is taken to improve the nourishment and gain the benefits that the fish oil can give.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: I am a physiotherapist by profession. A writer by interest. I take up freelance assignments for various websites and blogs. Comments are welcome at prakashdavid@rediffmail.com

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