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He is the Best Planner | God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent

BY: Jashodhara | Category: Others | Post Date: 2010-01-15

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God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. It is believed that at a time. He is every-present, knowing, powerful. Man has created many things and thought that he is the greatest of all. History says many kings thought that there were no God, and he himself was the God. He wanted to show his power to his fellow people and wanted the people to grace him all the time. Many instances are there, with sheer fear people used to worship the king then.

God observes the entire act and comes in different form to teach the person a lesson. But some people do not believe god in any form. The well known saying goes, -Man proposes, God disposes-. Many a time we plan to do something, but it does not happen at all. Many a time meteorological department announces the weather. But they fail. That means we have to believe His presence everywhere.
This Great planner has changed the life of many people. His planning is the best. Ill give my own example. It was my plan from my childhood to become a doctor. I was a good student too. After my 10th I opted for science but found physics to be very hard. So I had to leave the idea of becoming a doctor. I completed my graduation with Economics and got a chance to do my post graduation. But sheer chance, I took admission in B.Ed. After that I got married. Then with the wish of my father-in law I completed my M.Ed.

As my children grew up, I taught in school. Till then I thought may be by chance I'm here in this profession. Along with school curriculum I was doing my counseling course and then one of my teachers asked me, -Did you all come in this profession willingly?- Many showed their willingness. But I kept mum. The second question, -did you ever change the life of any student?- Yes, I answered. An abusive-failure child from uneducated and poor parents was promoted to the next class with flying colours and changed into a good behaved child, was my success. I did this act by PELT (Praise, encouragement, Love and Trust) and believing the child. That was my turning point. I realized that God has sent me in the right profession. I love my students very much. When I joined in college, in every step of my teaching and guidance I felt that the students are fully dependent on teachers. Many ex-students still take some guidance from me.

I'm very much thankful and grateful to Him that He has chosen the right path for me. God wanted me to show the right path, right values and right direction to many people. It is said that God does not have any form. So He involves us to do His good work through our body. I remember one line of Rabindranath Tagore, -Tomaro iecchha korohe pur no amaro jibono majhe- means, Oh! God whatever wishes you have, complete it through me.

God is the perfect planner.

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About Author / Additional Info: I'm a staunch believer of God . Without Him ,we can not do anything. Though I'm in teaching field for 21 years and giving the values,but without Him I may not be there where I'm today. If you want to know about Pelt ref. Teaching through PELT on this site

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God is omnipresent----
Namrata Slowly you will feel His presence. Whatever you are doing is also His wishes. Be happy in that. He will be happy when you accept His wishes.
Jashodhara Purkayastha 2010-01-31
"Tomar iccha koro purna aamar jibon majhe" I completely agree to what you saying, But understanding this is very difficult and implementing this thought is more more difficult. Many time I also feel that I do understand this. But when I think about it I feel, Its too tough to understand and I do not trust him very well that is why get afraid.
Namrata 2010-01-29
So true!
Very well said... Infact, when one feels sad or broken on situations, we are actually saying that "God can`t do the right thing", which is so wrong... When one realizes that we are only a medium, it can bring much peace and sanctity!
Saptarshi 2010-01-23
He is the Best planner
GOD is present in all as Energy/Spirit. This is covered by our Sensuous bodily desires. It can only be freed by practiced Yog (a point in Meditation). Among the 3 type of Yog Gyan, Karma & Bhakti .... the last type requires extreme/intense Emotional qualities in persons connected to social setting. You have almost reached this stage and can organize the feelings to realise it in reality. But many do not believe as Bhakti requires Faith & Belief. Wish success to all in their utmost endeavor. Nice experience related !
MONI 2010-01-21

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