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Haris on Mars

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-07-19

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   Muhammed Haris
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Here is an imaginary story of mine, about my visit to Mars.

That was on my birthday. I had dressed very well. I was wearing glittering T-Shirt and a denim Jeans pant, and I had colored my hair. One flying saucer came. One beautiful lady stepped out of that flying saucer. She was fair more than the word fair. I had never seen such a beautiful girl in my life. She came near to me and invited me to get into the flying saucer. She was speaking in typical US English. She introduced herself diamondelollous sweetfaery I was also attracted towards her. I got inside flying saucer. She also sat in it. That flying saucer was like a most luxurious car. The light music of Mars was kept in it. She said that music was composed by Irritatikao Michiganzaffairy from Middle East of Mars.

We reached Mars in half an hour. She said the flying saucer travels in the speed of ten thousands Kilo meters per minute. First of all she took me into a restaurant. The waiter came with an instrument like headphone. He kept that onto my head and then to her head. In a minute, waiter came with the dishes what we had in mind to order for. I was just shocked. She said, -It is not earth to take the orders, when you talk to him. We have the technology of understanding the signals of one's mind.- She said about their dating culture. She kept my plate near her and her plate near me and started feeding me the things in my plate. She made me to feed her too. The taste of that was just amazing. While eating that, I was not just feeling the taste in tongue; the food was tasty in stomach as well.

Later she took me to a live band show. Girls were dancing inside a big electric bulb. Later they started dancing in aquarium and in fire. Their dresses were made out of transparent zoom-able and foldable glasses. The choreographer was very creative enough to use the zooming feature. That was a late evening then, so she took me into her home.

Her house was made out of marbles. It was shining in golden color. I asked her, -How can the marbles shine like gold? She replied, -Do not compare my home with your TajMahal. This is the nature of marbles at Mars. If you want to build a TajMahal for the memory of your girl friend, I can supply you the Marbles. Then people would not go for seeing Shajahan's TajMahal. Instead, they would prefer to come to Harry's TajMahal. I Said, -That would be great.- There was only one bed kept there. When I asked about it, she twisted my ears, -hey fool handsome of earth, that bed can be expanded up to four hundred meters, all four sides. Do you want to play cricket with me on bed? -I laughed like never ever people-. I was thinking whether she may know about Kabaddi game. But I didn't speak about it. We had dinner and slept. I do not want mention about those moments.

We woke up at morning ten O clock and she invited me for breakfast. I asked her don't you brush? She brought a spray and spayed my mouth. My teeth became like the teeth I see in tooth paste advertisements.

Then we had breakfast. It was idly prepared out of vanilla later she took me into a museum. I saw our most advanced lap tops there. She said that was being used in Mars two Millions years ago. I asked her -What you use now? - She took a small calculator kind of things. She pressed a button; it became a touch screen laptop. She pressed another button, it became a home theater. Like wise, it had the options such as refrigerator filled with dishes and drinks, washing machine, Micro Oven, Iron Box, dressing table and many more things which I had never seen.

When she kept that back to her pocket, her dress was changed. Like Indian women have the tendency of showing belly while wearing sari, they had the tendency of showing chest. Then she took me into a school. There was a dance video played in a huge screen. I asked her -how the students would learn from this?- She showed me a line of moving text, which was their study material. Then we spent in a zoo made out of the plastic made animals. She said animals were vanished ten thousand years ago. She also took me into a swimming pool made out of mango juice. There were even swimming pools with orange, vanilla, whisky, rum, beer, strawberry, pizza, honey, hot milk etc. When I jumped into hot milk, she poured some tea powder into it. I really enjoyed swimming on tea. After swimming on the tea pool, I do not feel like drinking tea. It was the late evening by then. We went to home.

Third day we woke up, applied tooth spray and sat for breakfast. There was some masala chat prepared. That was too spicy. But she was eating it so easily. Wine was mixed in it. I struggled to start eating it. But then I really enjoyed it.

Then we went to a park. There were the fountains made up of with orange, vanilla, whisky, rum, beer, strawberry, pizza, honey, hot milk etc. Electricity was made to pass through those liquids. There were no bulbs. She started playing with fountains; I asked her, do not you get short circuits? She said -Human beings have been introduced to electricity through a laser technology, so here; human beings do not feel short circuits by touching electricity. Few of us when we visited earth, we felt short circuit, why your technology is so poor?- I just smiled and could not answer anything.

Then we went to a shopping mall. One salesman came and kept a headset kind of instrument on to my head, to capture what is in my mind. Then he commented -Why this guy is thinking about only cheaper goods? Where did you get this cheap? Is it the item from the earth? She just laughed for it. Most of the dresses available were transparent ones. I was thinking why is the need of wearing the dresses, when it is transparent? She brought many dresses and bought for me as well. Still they are in my cub board. They do not have the system of paying. When they swipe the card, the hard cash generates out of that card.

Then we went to a pub. There was a vending machine kept there, like our coffee vending machine. They need to just swipe their card in it and wear the headset. The machine used to deliver the drink what is in their mind to order for. It only used to mix the cold drinks and ice cubes. The hot drinks there, doesn't have bitter taste. They are just like fruit juices, but very powerful to give you the kick of alcohol. We had drunk too much. It was late evening. She fed a map kind of chart on to her car, so car automatically drove us to her home. She presses a remote when car reached home. A wheeled cot and bed came and took us to room.

Fourth day we woke up late at about eleven MST (Mars Standard Time). She said she has to attend a Seminar, so she asked me to accompany her. Seminar was organized at Aloysorealflirtees College. People were in much fashion dresses. I asked her, -Why do not you dress formally for the official meets- She replied -Formal wears have been banned at mars about two thousand years ago. She showed a photo of her forefather who live three thousand years ago. He was wearing a kind of Semi-formal shirt with Jeans pant. I commented -Naughty people of Mars-. An Iron box kind of hot dressed girl was giving a presentation about improving the funny atmospheres at office places. People were seriously listening to her presentation. I was looking her like looking at a model in a live band show. Whatever she speaks was captured by their computer, and it was shown in MS PowerPoint (Mars PowerPoint) instantly. The background of slide was made up of the live photo of the girl who was presenting.

After the presentation, there was a question and answer session about the topic. One guy said -I do not feel drinking and coming to office- She answered -If you practice drinking and coming to office, then you will feel alright. You have to work towards practicing it. Take the guidance from your manager. In case, if you will be over tight, they you apply for a hanging leave. You have unlimited number of hanging leave offered-. I was thinking, why not I apply for a job at Mars and take the hanging leave everyday.

After seminar we had demo about how to have fun at work place. That demo was like a disco club. I commented -our local bars are better than the office at Mars.-

Next day I had to return to earth. It was very painful for me to leave my sweet girl of Mars.

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About Author / Additional Info: Hi I am Muhammed Haris, working for Hinduja (Formerly HTMT) Global Solutions,Bangalore,INDIA. You may reach me at muhar786@gmail.com or at +919739094168

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