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Happy life after retirement

BY: chitracs | Category: Family | Post Date: 2008-10-22

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The retirement age may vary from person to person depending on the profession. We could plan well and lead a hassle free retired life and enjoy every moment of it. While in service , we should try to finish our responsibilities and the life after retirement should be exclusively as per our taste. At the time of retirement there should not be any burden on us. We should make our mind to accept retirement whole-heartedly, with pleasure. After retirement we should not have the thirst to run after money. The mind should be self-content and quiet. We should quit working before our heart quit to function. After retirement, we will be our boss.

The financial planning is essential. The regular savings, assets, investments, the lump sum money we get at the time of retirement and pension could give courage to us that we are financially sound. Leading a healthy life becomes our next point. We should keep our body fit by taking balanced diet, regular exercises and good sleep. The mind should be trained to be calm and peaceful, by practicing yoga and meditation. Since the medical costs are going up day by day, we should plan for future medical expenses and allot money for it. We could develop friendship and maintain the friends circle, by having a healthy talk with them often. We could read books, do gardening, see movies, watch TV, surf in internet, do household works, learn a new language or do whatever we like. We could travel and visit new places. We could spend much time for our spiritual living, than physical living.

Next, we have to decide what are we going to do after retirement. Some persons may wish to take up a job after retirement, to earn some more money. Some persons may engage themselves in part time jobs. Some others get pleasure in involving themselves in voluntary service activities, by helping others. Some people like to do both financial help and physical help to others, after retirement. Some more people want to develop hobbies and enjoy the pleasure of leisure. Whatever we do, our mind should accept it and we should feel happy by doing that act. While in service, it is the duty for us to earn money and look after the family. But, after retirement till death we need not pull on a life like this. Definitely we need a change in life after retirement.

We should feel like a new born baby after retirement. We could start to admire nature, people, animals and the environment. We should not feel that nobody will like us since we are old. We should not depend on our children or let our children to depend on us. We should keep away from the children, visit them once in a while, give care and return to our place. We should show the detached attachment only to anybody or anything in the world, after retirement. We should accept that we have become old and we could act slowly mentally as well as physically and we need not compete with youngsters. We should not talk about our sufferings to others. We should not feel when others are busy and they could not find time to talk to us. We should not indulge in finding fault with others or complaining about others. We could have fun in exploring the unknown things in the world. I wish all the people who retired already and going to retire, a happy and successful retired life.

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leading retired happy life.
Give back to the society whatever the goods and bads you have learned through your experiences so as to guide the coming generation in a right direction
B D Sangal 2009-08-01

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