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Happy family - How to keep family members happy.

BY: chitracs | Category: Family | Post Date: 2008-07-28

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Everybody wants that their family should be called as happy family. Happiness in the family depends upon the attitude of family members. There should not be any communication problem between the family members. They should not find fault with each other and waste their time in unnecessary arguments. By listening patiently to others views, many problems in the family can be solved. By righteous thoughts and righteous actions they can tackle any situation and make the family a happy family.

Let us see, how to make the family a happy family? All the family members should sit together and take dinner daily. At that time, they can discuss small problems. The family meetings should be conducted once in a week, to discuss the big problems. All the members should join together to overcome the obstacles and bring happiness in the family. The ego fighting ends with a day of sadness and anger. So, they should not give room for ego. There's always a way to deal with the problem and find amicable solution. Happy family should be the motto in life.

Sometimes, some of the family members may not listen properly to the common problems and all the time they may talk about their welfare and happiness, instead of welfare and happiness of the family. There is no use in bottling up the problems inside and controlling emotions. They can take the advice of their well wishers also to solve some of the family problems, if the family members could not arrive a solution and finding a solution to the problem is very urgent. They should not give up their efforts for any cause. They should not be afraid to talk from heart. They should always be ready to do anything to make the family a happy family.

Nobody is superior or inferior to anybody in the family. All the members have got equal rights and equal responsibilities. Everybody should make all efforts to bring happiness in the family. The members should help each other in sharing responsibilities inside and outside the family also. For the joy of others in the family, everybody should do something. They can celebrate family functions together, sharing work and money. The happy family gives the members the courage to face any problem in the outside world. By following the above, you all of you can make your family a happy family. All the best.

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