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Hair care tips: Hair problems, remedies for damaged and dry hair.

BY: Jessica | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2009-09-01

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Hair is the most vital part of our looks yet they are the most neglected because of lack of time and stress in our day to day lives. Having healthy hair requires both internal as well as external nourishment. With our busy lives, we usually are not able to do much for our hair which in turn loose their natural beauty. Hair damage is also caused by various chemicals like colors, styling sprays etc that are used by most of us. Even Hair dryers, electronic curlers and hair straightening irons cause a significant amount of damage to the hair leading to dry hair. Here are some common hair problems and things that can be done to get rid of hair problems.


Dry unmanageable hair
This is the most common problem faced by most people, in this case, hair loses moisture and becomes very dry, frizzy, wavy and in some cases very brittle. Using the right type of shampoo and conditioner is very important for managing dry hair. Shampoos containing Sulfates are very harmful for the hair. It is very important to read the ingredients of a shampoo before buying it. Most of the good shampoos have "no sulfates" printed on them, go for these shampoos. Use a good conditioner as often as possible and rinse it out properly from the hair. Most of the conditioners need to be applied on the hair only and not on the scalp, it is very important to follow the instructions properly.

Split Ends
Having split ends is a common hair problem, in this case a single hair develops multiple ends. This mainly happens when the hair is very dry and is not getting proper nourishment. Getting the hair trimmed regularly (once a month) is recommended to get rid of the split ends. Some of the beauty Salons also offer alternative remedies for extreme split ends cases like burning the ends of the hair with a candle. It is recommended to stay away from these alternatives unless you have very severe split ends.

Hair falling or thinning
Most of us loose around 100 hair a day and it is absolutely normal to do that but if you are loosing much more than that then you have a hair falling or thinning problem and it is a matter of concern. Loosing excessive hair usually takes place if proper nutrition is not given to the body, it is important to eat healthy including five servings of fruit and vegetables ery day. The healthier you will eat the healthier hair you will have. It is important to include substantial amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in our every day diet. Water also plays a very important part in having healthy hair, drinking 7 to 8 glasses of water is absolutely essential.

Having dandruff is again a common hair problem which leads to flaky, itchy or sticky scalp. Dandruff is really a fungus on the scalp that can be very hard to get rid of. A home remedy to get rid of Dandruff is by putting vinegar, lemon juice or even yogurt for 20 to 30 minutes on the scalp before washing the hair. There are several Dandruff shampoos as well in the market that can be used regularly, however, in extreme cases it is highly recommended to see a dermatologist because it can be a serous skin disorder that needs medical care.

Damaged Hair due to Coloring and Styling
Color is nothing but chemicals that can damage the hair and make them loose their natural shine. In today's world in which every women walking down the street has gorgeous looking colored hair, it is very difficult to refrain yourself from the temptation of getting your hair colored. Always use good quality hair color and as far as possible try to get it done professionally. Always use Shampoos and conditioners that are exclusively for colored hair. Along with coloring, other chemicals like hair styling sprays and gels can also cause severe hair damage. Hair dryers, electric hair curlers and hair irons also are harmful to the hair, therefore they should be avoided as much as possible.


Use the Shampoo appropriately

It is not only important to use the right shampoo but also to use it the right way. Too much shampoo not only cleans your scalp but also washes away the natural protective oils from the hair. For proper hair care it is very important to use the shampoo that is right for your hair depending upon your hair type. If you have dry hair then use a shampoo that is for dry hair, if you have colored hair then use one that is for colored hair and so on.

Oil massage
Oil Massage can do wonders to your dry hair. Heat some oil and then damp a cotton ball in the oil and apply it to your scalp. Leave it for 10 minutes and then tie a hot towel on your head to give steam to the scalp. This will open up the pores and the oil will be absorbed by the roots. You can wash your hair after 25 minutes. You can heat the towel by soaking it in hot water.

Apply Mayonnaise
The greasy Mayonnaise is considered to be a very good conditioner for hair. It may not look like a good idea to apply the smelly mayonnaise on your hair but sure does work. Leave it on your hair for half an hour and then wash it out with shampoo.

Apply Beer
Beer is also a good conditioner and setting lotion for the hair, just add some beer to a bucket of water and then wash your hair with it or just add dome beer to your last mug of water and pour it on your hair and do rinse it out. You could also just spray some beer in to your hair after shampooing and before towel drying the hair. The smell of beer soon dies out from the hair but will add shine to your hair.

Apply Egg Yolk
For damaged and dry hair, egg yolks give nourishment to the hair. Just apply egg yolk to the scalp and hair for 20 minutes and then wash your hair.

Good diet and Drinking water
A healthy diet along with sufficient (7 to 8 glasses) water improves both hair and skin.

Stress Control
Stress can be the biggest enemy of both your hair and health. If you are depressed or unhappy and are not being able to fight the problem yourself then seek for some professional help.

Protect the Hair from the Sun and the Wind
Sun and wind also damage hair, it is important to cover your hair in very hot Sum or Windy conditions. Next time whenever you go out to the beach, carry a hat and if it is very windy tie a scarf around your head.

Minimize the use of Chemicals and electricals to your hair
This will retain the natural moisture and shine of the hair which can otherwise loose their natural shine and beauty.

Protect your hair from Chlorine
Chlorine can really damage hair, therefore always wear a swim cap before entering the swimming pool. You can also apply some olive oil to your hair before going for swimming.

Trim your Hair Regularly
The ends of hair usually tend to dry off first, a regular trimming will trim away the rough and dry ends giving your hair a more healthy look.

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About Author / Additional Info: I am not a doctor or a medical professional.

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