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BY: Bujji | Category: Family | Post Date: 2008-05-18

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Family is like a kingdom in which the husband acts as a king, wife acts as a Minister and the children acts as members of the court. Though husband and wife are equal in status, there should be a hierarchy in which a husband holds the position of the head of the family and wife holds the position of minister. A family with out a head will be like a kingdom without a king and a company with out a managing director. Family will be long lasting if the husband is responsible in his duties and the wife is submissive towards her husband. Unfortunately many husbands nowadays are getting divorced from their wives and are facing many hardships to do so. This is because they do not know how to handle their wives. Woman are overall more emotional and sensitive than men therefore, it is very important to handle them with love and care and then they will do just as you say. It is easier to get things done with love and not with arguments and domination.

A husband should handle his wife tactically and logically, but at the same time he should love her more than anyone else in the world because for a woman her husband is everything. He should not hurt her feelings under any circumstance, as women are more sensitive and sentimental than men. Modern women are not like Sita or Savitri in Hindu scriptures or like Sarah in the Holy Bible. Nowadays they are wishing to get divorced even for a small abuse, resulting in rapid increase of divorce rate. You should treat her as a minister or mistress of the house, not as a slave. As a minister, she has right to advice you when in need. It is always better to not interfere in the household decisions and let her be the boss at home. For example, let her have a upper hand in decisions like what furniture is good for the house, or how the decor of the house should be, what is essential for the kids, how to deal with relatives and stuff like that. Whereas a husband should have a upper hand in decisions regarding finance management, investments etc. This way a wife will also feel powerful and will get a sense of equality which has become a basic need for todays women. You will see that it is easier to handle a wife by giving her respect and by making her feel important.

In Ramayana, Sita stepped out of Lakshmana's line and was kidnapped by Ravana in the absence of Rama. In the Holy Bible, Eve was influenced by Satan in the absence of Adam. These examples from religious scriptures are said because women are feeble minded and are easily influenced by outsiders, particularly by their parents, relatives and friends. Husband should keep his wife in control when going off the track in early days of marriage. He should also satisfy her congress desires also as wife does in return. It is important to give a wife her independence but at the same time it is important to pull her back from people who have a bad influence.

It is also important to give your wife the freedom to decide what she wants from her life, give her the freedom to decide whether she wants to work or just be a housewife. It is easier to handle a wife that is at home than a working wife but at the same time a working wife is more happy than a wife sitting idle at home. It is always nice to do something constructive than to sit idle at home. A working wife has no time to fight or crib about small things whereas a wife sitting at home looks for opportunities to crib and is mostly dissatisfied with whatever she has. A man must know how to handle his wife in the right way, if your wife is working then appreciate her for being a helping hand in managing the home financially and if she is a housewife then do not under estimate her household work, be appreciative of whatever she does. Appreciate your wife in whatever way you can and you will see that she will cooperate with you in every way possible. Love her but do not let her take undue advantage of your love, let her rule at home but do not let her over power you. Balance is very important for a successful marriage.

Though it is very difficult to study the psychology and graphology of women, husband's talent is proved in studying his wife completely. Husbands should remember that they are protectors of the family; while wives are nurtures of the family. A family will be ruined utterly if husbands become henpecked, allowing their wives to be boisterous. At the same time, husbands should remember that wives are God's greatest gifts given to Men. Husband should not over do their part on behalf of their wives under any circumstance, as they may take advantage. So guys, be very careful in handling your wife, if not she may make you a jack ass! Remember that a family will flourish only if a husband loves his wife and a wife submits herself to her husband.

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About Author / Additional Info: I am B.Venu, I had finished my graduation, my father is working as APPSC member, my mother is house wife. I have two brothers, my secound brother is working on 7 seas technologies, he working as a storybord artist, I would like to sent articles, i had sent so many articles on websites,

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The Article though OK leaves out a lot of complications. For instance how to handle the situation when a housewife is interested in travelling out often and the husband likes to relax at home ?? Or else the marriage was "fixed" on the basis of lies and falsehoods ?? Then the couple does have daily bickerings and all that goes along with it.
Mahendra 2009-09-30

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