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BY: Brianna Kim | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2009-02-03

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   Brianna Kim
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With all the models in the magazine covers looking all stunning like they have never breathed any dust from earth, plus all the beautiful women and young girls on TV screens, it is becoming much harder for the low self-esteem beings to find a place to fit in to this world and survive.

Looking at yourself everyday all you see is a person 50 pounds heavier than any one at your age should look like. The mirrors do not even try to give you any hope of feeling like you are beautiful. Every morning when you are in front of the mirror you feel ten times uglier than you were the last time. The thought of facing yet another distressing day with your ugly self is overwhelming. You wish you were walking in some glamour girl's beautiful body dressed in the latest designs the market could offer.

As if that is not enough, most of your friends look all groomed up and glamorous every time you meet them. As for you, nobody ever notices the new outfits you buy or your new hair style no matter how much time you spend trying to look your best before leaving the house. The more compliments you shower your friends the more -thank you- comes your way with no compliment given to you in return. Hurt and depressed, you try even harder yet your heart gets broken worse than ever.

You can never seem to accept anything in your life from the simple outfits in your wardrobe to the way you see yourself in the mirror let alone how people see you.

The pain of not feeling beautiful enough each day is killing you. If only there was a new chance to start a fresh, you know exactly who you want to be and how you will go about it to stay young and beautiful all your life.

But what is beauty? Most people think beauty is the outward physical appearance of a person. It extends from the -right- body size, well shaped and full lips, rosy cheeks, beautiful skin, cute smile, long hair, a stunning bum, and the list is endless.

It is said that -beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.- Nobody knows the beholder until he speaks out.

Basically people do change as they grow older. The little girl or boy in you who was so cute and adorable is now gone. All you are left with is someone with pimples all over the face that used to be so smooth. The slim waist and flat tummy is all gone. You believe that a new wardrobe is all you need to at least stand out from the crowd once in a while. You do not seem to like all the flaws that come along with growing up and older.

So, do you want to feel beautiful inside out no matter what your friends say or not say about the way you look? Then focus on the following tips:

1. Do not rely on your friends' judgments on how you look. So long as you are comfortable with your body or what you are wearing, don't go out of your way asking what they think about your weight, a new hair style, how you put your make-up on or your general appearance all the time. It is alright to ask friends or family how you look but always remember to trust yourself and have your personal opinions. At the end of the day you will have no one to blame.
2. Make it a point of loving yourself by treating yourself the best way you can. You can plan for a shopping spree; get yourself new shoes or a dress to wear at a party without having your friends to tell you what to do or what not to. Everybody will be surprised to see you in a new dress they have nothing to with. If it all looks good, that will boost your self-esteem about how you look.
3. Complement yourself always. Look yourself in the mirror, feel beautiful and be thankful. Do not wait for people to shower you with complements. What if they never notice you, you can not force them.
4. Be ready for challenges. You wake up one morning feeling troubled; tired and not feeling as good as you always want to be. Do not be scared. Just wake up, take your time to fix yourself your favorite meal for breakfast, dress up slowly but surely, feel beautiful first before looking beautiful. The rest of the day will sort out itself.

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