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Guidelines and useful information for employees traveling to Canada-USA

BY: Sreeni | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2009-10-04

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Employees who travel to Canada or USA need to know some important tips and guidelines of travel and lifestyle in those countries so that it would be helpful to have a pleasant stay over there. People generally respect each other and they are helpful if you ask any suggestion or question. Let's discuss few important travel guidelines which should remember and follow

SSN for USA and SIN for CANADA:
SSN stands for Social Security Number. In USA, Social Security Number is a nine digit unique number and would be given by the government of USA to every citizen if US as well as people who travel and stay over there either in short-term, work permit or long term from any other countries. It is a unique identification which is essentially required to have for the purpose of taxation, insurance etc and hence as soon as reaching USA, need to apply for SSN without fail. Similarly in Canada SIN will be given. SIN is Social Insurance Number which will be issued by the government of Canada for the purpose of identification, insurance, tax reporting purpose, etc. Hence the employees who travel to Canada must apply for SIN as soon as reaching the country.

Health Insurance
Health Insurance is very much required as the health care expenses are high usually. Paying cash out of your pocket is not possible for all kind of medical treatments. Though the employers take care of health insurance coverage, need to follow-up with the employer personally and ensure that you are covered under health insurance plans. If traveling with family, must ensure that the spouse and children are covered and also know the type of health care services are covered.

Traffic rules
Adhere to traffic rules in terms of driving the vehicles or while walking. There will be white line borders appear on roads which were marked for pedestrians near signals and other places. Always cross the roads in the specified area only. The people who drive the vehicles must take care of the speed limits and crossing signals everywhere as they set the cameras and speed identifying machines so that they identify and charge the fine if the rules are not followed

Clothes and Food items
Canada and USA are cold places. According to the season, have to carry some related seasonal wears. When you travel in winter season, must carry some winter clothes without fail. Instead of buying every item over there, better if you can carry few major items. As for as food items are concerned, probably you may not be able to eat everyday outside due to difference in food habits and items. Hence be prepared to cook for yourself and can carry few spices and such items in minimum quantity within the baggage weight limits at airport. Though you get all the items in big super markets and malls except a very few spices etc.

Accommodation and other general information
If your employer provides accommodation then no issues. Otherwise, after you reach there in a hotel for short stay, start searching for accommodation in news advertisements, local websites, shared accommodations and with the contacts of your friends and colleagues so that you can settle early. As per your employer guidelines immediately after reaching the destination, open the bank account. Also to contact your family members, you will find phone calling cards, which would be useful to make international calls and they are money saving.

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