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Green IT - Information technology for a cleaner environment

BY: chitracs | Category: Others | Post Date: 2008-10-05

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The term -Green IT- sounds nice but what does it mean? We can put into simple words and say that green IT means using the resources efficiently, without any wastage. All the nations are making green movement in all the fields. The corporate IT companies also waked up now and apply these principles in IT field. The prime important factors in IT field are good hardware, proper net working arrangement, suitable software, way for disposal of used electronic items, optimum use of energy, server-client link, satisfaction by customer/end user and the person invested money should get good return on investment.

Impact of Green IT: Many IT companies are not aware of Green IT still. While purchasing products, we should see that the environmental pollution is avoided at all times in the process of manufacture, transportation, while in use and finally while throwing it out or again recycling it for reusage. Due to recent downfall in IT field many people hesitate to spend money for Green IT. But, if we see, Green IT has got long-term benefits. Moreover, it is the duty of everybody to protect the world from global warming.

For energy and cooling in IT field, we have to use eco-friendly equipments. Every IT company should come in the line of Green IT to save the society. The infrastructures which are harmful to the people should be removed, from the sight and good working environment should be provided to all employees in the IT field. That is the very purpose of Green IT. The Carbon emission should be reduced to the minimum in all the equipments we use. The energy efficient technologies are being developed by many companies which protect the environment as well as serve purpose in the IT field.

Many people in the IT field talk about Green IT but for implementing it in their company, they think more and hesitate to invest for purchasing eco-friendly equipments. Now, an awareness in created in the big IT companies and they are ready to switch over to Green IT. Some top level executives involve themselves directly and act as catalysts in charting plans for this green philosophy. A big problem in IT field is disposal of e-waste or electronic scrap items. Every year, it is increasing and thus polluting the society.

Switching over to Green IT: The IT companies have to use low power consumption servers. Not only servers, the desktops, laptops and workstation blades are to be tuned with the greening of IT. The monitors and hard disks are to be configured to power down, when it is not in use for some time. The virtualization technology helps for placing a single physical server and running many virtual machines. By this, the power consumption will be very much reduced. The data centers can use low-powered blade server. Thin clients can be used broadly as they generate less electronic wastage and the cost is comparatively less than PCs. The usage of LCD monitors reduces power consumption. The old items can be used for less important jobs . When the old items are not required for the IT company, these items can be donated to those in need. The paper usage should also be reduced; instead of sending everything in the printed form, we can send in the digital form, through email. Having less office and home office can be entertained by IT companies.

Let us welcome green IT with full enthusiasm to save mankind from environmental pollution.

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