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Good encouraging words from Sri Shirdi Sathya Sai Baba

BY: Rohit M Parikh | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-11-08

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   Rohit M Parikh
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"There is no problem in the world
That can cow you down .If you are equanimous at all times ."

- Sri Chinmayamandji .

Good encouraging words-message from Sri Sathya Sai Baba ,an incarntor of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, for the devotees and for entire community of human beings."Why Fear When I am Here".

When Baba refers "I", it is 'I' within us in the form of "Soul and God' what ever therefore we do ,where ever we may be ,we have to bear this in our mind that God is Omni Present, Omni-Potent, Omni Scient. That is why it is natural that Shirdi Sai Baba is always aware of everything we do. For this we have to take recourse to "TRUTH ", nothing but the TRUTH as God be with us in every of our action.

In this divine light, I wish to express the views of Sri Sathya Sai Baba that in this iron age, when darkness is enveloping mind of almost every man, any little lamp that can provide light in terms of guidance in the right steps is most welcome. The only alternative for us is to resort to Good Deeds, Good Conduct, Good outlook and positive attitude so that we may be established in Constant Presence of LORD.

This would also helps us to feel that there is nothing higher than God.

Dear Friends, while establishing my association with you as viewers/readers of my article I wonder suddenly an intuition & vibratory forces appear before me for newly elected president Respected Mr Barack Obama. I on behalf you all congratulate & pray for his success.

Respected Sir ,You are very fine human being & you will be known for your Honesty, Integrity & Sincerity.

Sir ,you are believer in God & Truthfulness rests within you,the very rare human touch among politicians of your standing.My salutation to you Sir ,with the quality of your "MIND & the HEART".You are to speak the language of your Heart for the people & the nation as a whole. For you sir,I am not at all surprised that you have a great liking & attraction for our Father of Nation "The Mahatma Gandhi -the apostle of peace for the entire global world.
Mahatma Gandhi had tremendous belief in God .He used to feel that there can not be any proof for the existence of God Which is acceptable to human reason for God is beyond reason.

Sir,The world has become very small & the people have very high hopes & aspiration for you & you are to fulfill the same. We are also equally aware that your position is not bed of roses .Howerever Gods' ways are inscrutable. What Jesus Christ said
"Ask & it shall be given"
"Knock & it shall be opened"

would be applicable for you for your Great Mission of U.S.A.

Rohit .M.Parikh
Feel free to contact me at : astro637@gmail.com

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