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Good education - The duties of parents and teachers towards a child

BY: chitracs | Category: Education | Post Date: 2008-10-11

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When a child is born, the parents start thinking about giving good education to the child. They dream about best education and sow the seed in the mind of the child also. Is education prepares an individual to solve all the problems in life?

What the parents should do to give best education? The finest gift the parents give to the child is the best education. The parents should put the child in a best school which suits him. The base should be strong. The child should be taught to understand the lessons than to memorise. Some parents quarrel all the time, spoiling the mood of the child. Those children lose interest in studies. An ordered and caring education system should be introduced to the child. Until the child starts to read by himself, the teachers and parents should help the child to learn. While choosing the school, the parents should take into account the curriculum, taste of the child, teaching methodologies, current values to the course chosen and purpose of education.

The parents should save money regularly for giving good education, as the expenses for education have become very costly. The teaching pattern should not remain the same all the time and it should also change when time changes. The children of today have to face more challenges tomorrow. Previously, the students aimed to get education at district level, state level and national level. Now, everybody aims to get education at international level. In future, they have to move in various cultures for work and there is a necessity for them to learn many languages.

Role of teachers in imparting best education : From the kindergarten level, the mind of the child should be open to worldly things. They should be introduced of latest technology in education. The teachers should also aware of latest teaching methods and they should help to develop the potential and competing nature in students. As far as possible, the basic education up to matric level should be given from his hometown to any child, so that the child could get affection, help and guidance from parents. Then, if required, he may be sent to other places for college/university education as per the need. To get full benefits of learning, developing personal relation and communicating well with teacher are necessary for a student. The teachers should not show any favoritism to some children. The mind of a child will be affected and interest in education will decline if affected by neglect, lack of friendship, discrimination and poor economic conditions. The teachers should boost the child to develop cultural sensitivity and effective communication skills.

When the student is entering the college level, his future is decided at that time. He should get the knowledge-based education to ensure a decent living. A relevant and practical education is required at college level, to equip him for survival. The scholarships and aids should be made available for the needy children. The child should not lean on parents or others all the time. He has to face any problem and try to solve by himself. The goal in life for any child is to settle in a good job, in future. The parents and teachers, should walk along the child to achieve the goal. The qualities of positive approach, logical thinking and strong mind which helps to take decision boldly are required for any child, to meet any challenge in life. Best wishes for parents and teachers for giving best education to the child and make them successful in life.

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