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God's Love

BY: Brad Soul | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-10-20

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   Brad Soul
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Love to me initially was viewed as special feelings you're supposed to have towards someone like your parents for all the things they do for you. Or the deep connection you have with your children because they are so dependent on you. What about loving our neighbors, co-workers, in-laws, or strangers? Better yet - how can someone ever love their very own enemy? I began to study the way people come to reject loving one another.

Love seems to cost something too precious to us. It sometimes requires bearing long with the flaws of others. It also asks for patience, kindness, and affection. This can feel like too much to ask from someone whose capacity is not yet known. It is easy for me to limit myself in one area, and then stretch myself in another. Some things in life are viewed as sacrificial to bring gain to oneself. For example, some college students endure living poor, while they work very hard to earn a degree that will bring them opportunities in life. Other things in life are not so self gratifying and are viewed as not worth the sacrifice.

This is not the case when talking about God's love. His love is boundless. He actually sacrificed his own life because of it - even when we were his enemies - He died for us. It is wrong to think that there is no reward for walking in God's love. Understand that knowing God is worth more than anything this world could ever offer. There is absolutely no comparison to what we gain from earthly treasures to heavenly treasures. When we empty ourselves of us, and he pours his spirit into us, we find that our capacity to love runs deeper than we ever could have imagined. Some feel that love leaves you vulnerable to attack and hurt. Quite the contrary - love is so powerful that people tend to be healed from its radiant effect. Instead of being vulnerable, God's love is sustaining, endless, and brings healing.

I saw over and over how he demonstrated His intense affection for his children by forgiving them. He would still help them even after they rejected Him or broke their word and deliberately betrayed Him. He would hurt and become angry; however his hurt never did supersede his passionate feelings towards them. His power is so great and His wisdom is eternal. He somehow knows and understands that something like offense could never stand between him loving his beautiful children. What is it about him? What exactly does, he sees that we can't see? Why is it that those simple, yet sincere words of repentance we offer so many times free us from the guilt and condemnation that should be our destiny? Who is He to command us to love Him with all of our heart, soul and might? Does He feel? I myself have experienced feelings of rage.

My soul has felt like a great cascading waterfall plummeting out into the raging deep. I have had feelings of anguish and despair. What's interesting is that these feelings have come from having deep relationships with those I say that I love the most. Has He felt this way towards me? And if so, why didn't He act on those feelings? How is it that He still wants to communicate with me? He is so sure that His affection towards me is real that He continues to invest into me. Logically speaking, no one intently invests in something or someone without assurance of a valuable return. Otherwise it would be a waste. Perhaps He sees something in me that I don't seem to recognize - after all - He is the creator.

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