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God's Filter System - God helps to filter out all our impurities

BY: Brad Soul | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-10-23

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   Brad Soul
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I admire the Apostle Paul. He exclaimed that he can do all things through Christ because he empowers him. This is a bold statement. This could only be done by someone who is confident in God. Abraham was asked to kill his first born son and began to do so because he was confident in God. Joseph was led to aid the very ones who betrayed him and left him for dead until they decided to sell him. He could have later had them all wiped out with a vengeful decree.

Moses was tasked with going up against the powerful nation of Egypt so that Israel could have freedom and be led to their place in God. This was no small feat considering the fight within his own house lasted decades longer than the fight with Egypt. Paul was not an unlearned man. I'm very sure that he had access to the Pentateuch and was well read on the difficulties his father's faced while trusting God. Paul tells us to take on the same attitude that he himself had and do what we have seen him do.

Here we are in the twenty first century facing so many of our own battles. Not all of these battles are coming externally. One of our most crucial battles will be with our own selves. The great thing about God is that He never fails. Whatever He sets forth to do is done with perfection. His knowledge, wisdom, love, and power are all infinite. Our battle arises when we must trust Him over our own insecurities. Handing our vulnerabilities over to Him and seeing ourselves as He sees us would be ideal. Some might say that this is easier said than done. That may be true, but it can be done. One of the greatest revelations that I have ever had was a simple statement that says -It is not about you-. I so much want to put my feelings, emotions, and desires into every piece of my life. We serve a God who is a Spirit and is not confined to the boxes we so often want to put Him in to keep ourselves comfortable.

With all of that being said, God expects us to come out of the comforts of our mind and be radical. Abraham became friends with God and developed a love that was so strong until what we would call as being an unreasonable act would have been an act of love to him.

Joseph, in his own power could not forgive the betrayal he experienced. However, he yielded to God and was given the power to forgive something today's society would deem unforgivable. Moses depended on God's love, patience, and long suffering to deal with a stubborn family who refused to obey God. Finally, Paul was enduring his first imprisonment, but with the zeal of God, continued to think of and encourage God's people.

When we allow our emotions, mind, will, previous conditioning, past hurts, and fears to be filtered through Christ we can do things once thought impossible for ourselves. True worship occurs by accepting the sacrifice Christ made on the cross and placing our faith in God. We can conquer any personal adversities that once crippled us from dwelling in the place he has prepared for us. I am so thankful that God has a way to filter out all of my impurities and then refines me and empowers me to do whatever it is he calls me for. It is with this boldness and confidence that we can proclaim what the Apostle Paul declared: we are ready for anything and can rise to the occasion through Jesus Christ!

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