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Globalization and Society

BY: swadesin | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-04-03

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- Ours is a battle not for the wealth or for power, it is a battle for freedom, it is a battle for the reclamation of human personality.-

Globalization is not new, but the present era has distinctive features. Shrinking space ,shrinking time and disappearing borders are linking people's lives more deeply, more intensely, more immediately than ever before. Globalization is a complex process which changes as well as has the potential to change the various events in the world at multiple levels. And globalization is a process of integrating not just the economy but culture, technology and governance. This era of globalization is opening many opportunities for millions of people around the world. Global markets, global technology, global ideas and global solidarity can enrich the lives of people everywhere, greatly expanding their choices. The growing interdependence of people's lives calls for shared values and a shared commitment to the human development of all people.

Globalization, although often described as the cause of much turbulence and change, is in fact the umbrella term for the collective effect, the change itself. The challenge of globalization in the new century is not to stop the expansion of global markets. The challenge is to find the rules and institutions for stronger governance—local, national, regional and global—to preserve the advantages of global markets and competition, but also to provide enough space for human, community and environmental people—not just for profits. Globalization is thus related with:

Ethics — less violation of human rights, not more.
Equity — less disparity within and between nations, not more.
Inclusion — less marginalization of people and countries, not more.
Human security — less instability of societies and less vulnerability of people, not more.
Sustainability — less environmental destruction, not more.
Development — less poverty and deprivation, not more.

Indeed, there is a need for a recommitment to bring together of all the world's peoples around an agenda that does not seek to stifle the very productive and revolutionary innovations. However, it is essential that in so doing we do not forget basic and fundamental obligations that have been recognized and honoured for decades as essential to a wholesome human existence.

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About Author / Additional Info: I am a Research Scholar. mail me :swadesin@gmail.com

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