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Getting rid of fleas from pets

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Animals and Pets | Post Date: 2010-01-27

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Fleas are a common problem in pets. In fact, they are the most irritating and frustrating problems that pet owners see in their pets. The fact that it is frustrating is because the fleas keep coming back and they could even kill the cat or dog. Though fleas are very common in all kinds of animals, they are more problematic in cats and dogs, especially those that have hair or fur that is ling because the fleas can hide inside the fur and the hair.

There are various methods that can be used to get rid of the fleas from your pets, but one should be extremely careful when using chemicals to get rid of the fleas. This is because the cats and dogs can be sensitive to the chemicals and this can cause the fleas to die and also make your cat and dog very sick. Cats especially should be handled very carefully as they are more likely to be affected.

The methods used to get rid of fleas in pets are:


Shampoos are the first line of defense to get rid of the fleas on your pet dogs and cats. Though the shampoos are to be used, the shampoo that is used for your dog cannot be used for your cat. This is because the cats are more sensitive than the dogs and if the same shampoo is used, it can even be fatal for the cat. The right kind of shampoo that should be used for your dog or cat can be identified after visiting and consulting the veterinarian who is taking care of your pet.


An immediate consultation with the veterinarian for the flea trouble that your pet is having is very essential for being able to get the right advice and treatment for the pet. This will help to make sure that your pet is safe from the fleas. This is because when the fleas attack the pets with their full force, there can even be fatalities. This is because the fleas suck the blood of your pets for their survival and if the loss of blood is too much, then the pet can even die from anemia.

Cleaning the house for the fleas:

Another important method of getting rid of the fleas is to get the house cleaned. This is because the fleas can be present in some corner of the house and they can suddenly start multiplying under the right conditions. This should be prevented by getting the house cleaned for these fleas, by spraying insecticides.

Cleaning the beds of the cats or dogs:

The pets may carry the fleas and their eggs. As the pet dog or cat lies down on its bed, the eggs of the fleas all fall on to the bed. These are the source for another round of flea problem. This can be prevented by steam washing and cleaning the beds of the pets. The fleas and their eggs are all killed under very high temperature and this is the reason for the steam cleaning to kill the fleas.

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