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Get a Fair Skin .. NOT SO FAST!. Craze of fairness creams in India.

BY: Swati | Category: Women | Post Date: 2009-09-10

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Although it may sound a shock to westerners but it's true that people in India have a huge craze of getting a fair skin complexion (white skin or very light brown skin). Yes, I am talking about the same Indians who fought tirelessly with 'White Britishers' against their colour based discrimination for nearly two centuries when India was a British colony. Most Indians who are dark brown in colour are quite ashamed of their skin colour and will do anything to get a fairer skin. The craze of fair skin is not new, but several cosmetic companies have certainly come up with products claiming to change the facial colour of skin lighter by atleast a few shades. Advertisements done by these companies simply widens the divide between fair skinned people and dark skinned people in India. Infact this is true in entire South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries). In some cases you will find even parents giving more love to a fair skinned daughter over a dark skinned daughter.

I have been born and brought up in India and throughout my life I have seen people around me just craving for a whiter skin. Earlier this craze was mostly among girls but this craze for fairness creams has now spread among boys as well. Girls who are not fair find it hard to get good and handsome boyfriends. They are looked upon as as a second grade citizen. Parents whose daughters are in a marriageable age are extremely worried if the skin colour of the girl is not fair. If you look at Indian advertisements or movies, you will hardly find any dark skinned model or actress. On the other hand you will find many movie villains of movies who are dark skinned. This is such a shameful attitude of the society, we clearly have a skin colour based racial discrimination. A darker skin means a lower attractiveness, intelligence, and economic status. Indians have a huge craze for 'White coloured' westerners. Believe it or not fairness creams business is a multi-million dollar business in India.

Lets understand what makes the colour of skin fair or darker in colour: Our skin colour is largely due to genetics and it cannot be altered by applying some external cream. There is a dark brown pigment in our skin called 'Melanin' which causes our skin to become light or dark. People who have less Melanin appear fairer. There is no fairness cream which can alter the concentration of Melanin.

Then how do skin fairness creams work:
Skin tends to become dark temporarily when exposed to sun or if it not well nourished. This temporary dark tan can last for a few weeks to a few months, but is we regularly get exposed to sun then the skin never gets time to recover. If a person cuts sun exposure significantly for a few weeks he will automatically start to experience a fairer skin. There are three main ingredients of most fairness creams: Moisturizer, Sunscreen and Bleach. Therefore there is no surprise why people get slightly a fairer skin till they continue to apply these fairness creams. Moisturizer nourishes your skin, sunscreen minimizes sun damage and bleach make the dark facial hair lighter than before. Some creams have additional ingredients that try to make skin healthy, but no skin can permanently alter your genetic skin colour. Once you stop using fairness cream, the skin comes back to it's natural colour.

There are several myths surrounding fairness of skin, if you want to get fairer without using these creams then try the following techniques:

1. Drink plenty of water as it hydrates your skin and helps to reverse damage.

2. Minimize sun exposure, the Ultra Violet rays of skin tend to damage skin and make it darker. Use can also a sun screen with SPF 20 or higher.

3. Some people suggest that washing face with rose water and later applying a mixture of tomato juice and lemon for 15 minutes help in making your skin fairer.

4. It is also believed that a paste of mango and banana or a paste of apple pulp can also increase skin glow.

5. Cucumber and nuts are considered extremely good for the skin.

6. Minimize the use of make-up and cosmetics. Cosmetics made out of natural ingredients are probably fine.

7. A light facial can help you to remove the dead skin cells, making your face look brighter.

So next time you use a fairness cream, remember its just a temporary solution. We need to start judging people by heart and not their skin colour.

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