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Future of America looks bad - Political missteps and mistakes USA has been making

BY: Jessica | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2008-06-24

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United States of America is the most powerful country in the world and I am proud to be a part of it. The mighty USA has been made on the historic foundations of hard work of its citizens, good education, freedom & health care and constant enhancements in technology and infrastructure. The America I have known from my childhood has been lost somewhere due to bad decisions of our politicians, overseas wars and reckless spending. I am neither a Democrat or Republican, , I am just an American, but I can tell that both parties have big issues and slowly taking us and our children towards a very risky and bad future.

Country is like a family and have to watch out how we spend money, take care of our citizens and stop interfering in the problems of other nations. We have big problems of our own and instead of spending money in our own country we have spent billions overseas, and still most nations do not like Americans. Bottom line let other countries deal with their own issues. The international debt we accumulate each year is more than the total GDP of many countries.

Almost all developed nations have a government sponsored health care of some kind except for USA. While the insurance and health providers post astronomical profits with huge perks for it upper management, simple citizens suffer. Either we are left with the choice of paying high insurance costs or not have and medical coverage at all. I know Universal health care means a huge bill for the country, but it is much better than spending money overseas, and the best part that our dollars stay in USA and not go overseas. We can also save tremendous money by making the government more efficient.

POPULATION - Outsourcing and immigration:
America is probably the most generous nation when it comes to immigration and outsourcing (WHY?). We need to stop corporate greed and put higher tax on companies which rely on overseas workers and use that money to train our domestic workforce. The quick hire and fire policy of American companies means there is as such no loyalty for companies and families have to face hardships. If we need workers from Mexico, India or China then we need to be smart about it and do it legally. This will help more tax dollars flowing in the economy and stop problems like social security number theft substantially. Shut down laws like automatic citizenship for all children born here regardless of the status of parents, Visa lottery system (Do you know we conduct a random lottery every year and invite 50,000 individuals to come and settle in USA) and close the loopholes which actually damage America and it's citizens. We need to control population in this country. Americans are becoming jobless and our politicians have turned a blind eye. We are unable to handle the problems of existing population, we do not need more people (or need them very selectively).

We always knew that gas prices are going to rise in future then why did the government not provide incentives to car manufacturers to come up with hybrids earlier. Why do we not have an American company making a car like Prius or even better. We need to improve our infrastructure and build a better public transport system.

We try to set examples to the world for industry regulations, environment control and preservation, yet be go back and buy stuff from those nations who do not follow those rules anyway. This gives an unfair advantage to these countries and have partially resulted in loss of our blue collar jobs. Either we should lift those restrictions here in USA or we stop buying from those nations.

When all these adjustable rate loans were being made for years, what were our government regulators doing. Why did they not come up with better rules and
enforcements way back in year 2002 than in year 2008 when it was already too late. People were literally gambling money with their houses and buying what they could not effort. Eventually the real estate agents were the one who made money and left home buyers to suffer. When government considers passing housing relief later to those effected, the ones who made a rational decision not to buy house during boom think themselves stupid. All this was happening in front of our government eyes, then why did these officials not do their job. Who is responsible for the this crisis.

We will be passing trillions of dollars in budget deficit and international loans to our children. I do not see a bright future for them as there is no way to payback. We need some drastic steps before the world gets a chance to laugh at us after we fall. We do not have an unlimited supply of money. We need to revisit our social programs and see all those places where we are overspending. We need smaller governments and smaller military in future.

We have countless military bases overseas which require billions and billions of USA dollars to maintain. Those things should be drastically cut down and money should be invested back home. I have utmost respect for our troops but our government policies have been abusing their powers and sacrificing American soldiers where they should not be at the very first place. War on terrorism should have been handled intelligently, current war is simply creating more enemies for us.

All I can say is that I see kids in Asia and Latin America are much better in Science, Maths and Geography than kids in United States. We are gradually loosing our supremacy in education system over other nations. Our kids do not know how to well manage they financial budget and usually land up spending much more. When they grow up as adults their financial irresponsibility continues. People need to stop bad spending practices, start saving in life and stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Several corporations take advantages our weak tax laws, even incorporate in tax havens like Bermuda to escape the US tax. Their CEO's and all operations are in US but do not contribute much in tax. We need our billions of dollars back from these companies.

After we stop spending money elsewhere, we do need money for these two very important programs. Our obligations to these programs are extremely high and hiding face in the sand (like an ostrich) will not solve this problem.

We need to have nutrition labels on all foods including fast foods which are also responsible for making America Obese. We need to encourage people to
step outside their cars and homes and walk. We also need to discourage excessive use of phones, computers and video games among youngsters.

All these terrible mistakes and bad political decisions driving America to a bad and risky future. God bless America.

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