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Functions of a Manager in Management

BY: Deena David | Category: Business and Finance | Post Date: 2009-07-19

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   Deena David
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As a manager of an organization or a institution, an individual will have many roles. The manager is responsible for the daily activities of the institution. The manager is also answerable to the authorities for the various acts of omission and commission. So the functions of a manager in the management are very important.

The various functions of a manager are listed below:

1. Planning:
Planning is a future oriented process. Planning helps to know what is to be done and when and who will do a particular activity. A manager has to plan for the short term and also for the long term activities.

2. Organizing: Organizing is the setting up of functions to be performed by individuals or groups for achieving the objectives. Properly organizing various activities will help in reducing delays and also increased efficiency.

3. Staffing: Staffing is one of the most important roles of a manager. The manager has to identify the need for a staff and recruit staff based on the qualification. After recruitment adequate and appropriate training has to be imparted to the staff to achieve the objectives of the organization.

4. Directing: This is the act by which the manager puts the various decisions into action. The manager direct or guides the employees to make sure that they know their role in the organization. This will also make them work appropriately.

5. Coordinating: It is the act of inter relating various activities occurring in the organization. The manager has to blend the activities and efforts of various workers to make it into a concrete and unified action towards achieving the goal of the organization.

6. Reporting: The manager is a person who is responsible for the overall functioning. All the employees have to report to the manager the various aspects of the work. The reporting can be daily reporting or weekly. This also helps the manager to understand the progress made by the organization.

7. Budgeting: This is the financial planning the manager has to do for the organization. The budgeting is usually done yearly and reviewed every quarter. The major expenditures and the income for a financial year are planned. Budgeting is also based on the previous year's income and balance of funds. Inflation should be accounted for during budgeting.

These are the major roles of a manager in an organization. The management of a company is mainly in the hands of the manager who is in charge of the organization. He should also be the role model for the employees and workers. The manager should function effectively for the company or institution to thrive.

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About Author / Additional Info: I am a Masters Degree holder in Pediatric Nursing. I also do freelance writing work. I am also interested in technology and computer applications. Comments on the article can be sent to deenaanddavid@gmail.com

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