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Foods That Can Ruin Your Diet and Cause Bad Health

BY: SEdwin | Category: Food and Drinks | Post Date: 2010-02-24

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There are good food and bad food. This classification is based on the effect that the foods have on the health of the person. The good foods are the ones that do not have a bad effect on the health and possibly have a good effect on the health of the person. These are the foods that are low in fat and are not sweet. This causes these foods to have very less calories and foods that are low in calories are good for the person to eat.

The bad food on the other hand are the foods that have a lot of fat content and also a lot of sugar or sugar syrup in it. There are a lot of foods that contain either fat or sugar in them and these should be avoided at all costs to have good health and also to prevent obesity.

The various foods that contain these foods commonly are listed here and they are:

1. Desserts:

The desserts are the foods that usually are very rich in calories because they are usually made from either sugar or sugar syrup. People who regularly eat desserts after food are highly likely to have increased weight. Desserts are healthy if they consist of fresh fruits as they contain a lot of needed nutrition for the body.

2. Ice creams:

This is one of the foods that is loved by almost all people, but it is also one of the most fattening foods available. Ice creams contain cream and also sugar and this makes it full of calories and should be avoided as much as possible.

3. Chocolates:

Chocolates should also be avoided as much as possible as these too cause a person to put on a lot of weight if it is consumed everyday or even regularly.

4. Pizzas:

Pizzas are also another food that has a lot of fat content in it. It usually contains different kinds of cheese and other substances that are usually rich in calories. This should not be consumed by people who should not be consuming foods that contain a lot of fat. If a person consumes pizzas regularly, then it can cause a lot of health problems to the person who is consuming it.

5. Hamburgers:

The hamburgers are those that are usually made from ham and also it usually contains a lot of cheese and other fattening things in it. This causes a lot of calories to be consumed by the person if it is eaten. This in turn causes the person to have a increased health risk.

6. Colas:

There are different types of colas available in the market. These colas are nothing but water that is carbonated and has a little bit of syrup in it. The colas have a lot of sugar content in them and this is the reason they are called as empty calories if consumed. They have no nutritive value, but are only water and sugar mixed. This is the reason for the colas to be avoided as much as possible.

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