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Flea trouble in among pets | Flea prevention methods

BY: Deena David | Category: Animals and Pets | Post Date: 2010-01-29

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   Deena David
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Flea is an insect, with a life expectancy of 6 to 12 months. During this period, two fleas can produce millions of eggs. They survived millions of years in the worst conditions. This may be an admirable thing if these insects would not affect your pet's health. This is not true because some fleas can even cause the death of your pet. So it is better to identify their presence early and to get rid of them for good.

Fleas can cause negative reactions in your dog, ranging from mild skin rashes to big allergic reactions. The flea's feed on blood and because of that, these insects may be causing anaemia or even death to the infested animal, usually smaller animals like cats and dogs. All the mammals are likely to be infested with fleas, except those living in sterile environments or very dry conditions.

Signs of flea infestation in pets:

Whether you see fleas on your pet animal or not, it is possible that they are there. Scratching, and dark spots found on the skin can be signs that your dog has become a host for a flea family. Another danger is that fleas can be carriers of tapeworm from one animal to another and this can cause other diseases too. If you see white grains, the size of a grain of rice on your animal's face or hair around the anal orifice that means most likely it could have fleas.

In extreme cases, the animal can become lethargic and pale colour lips and gums. To get rid of the fleas you need to have patience because a flea lives up to 4 weeks, you'll need at least as much time to completely disinfest a pet and the environment for those that escaped the initial burst of disinfectants. The flea control products work in different ways, with different levels of effectiveness and killing the fleas at different life stages (eggs, larvae and / or adults). Try using more products at the same time so that they work effectively.

Materials used on fleas:
Solutions, shampoos, and sprays may usually kill adult fleas on your dog. Use a brush for fleas and it should help. But more and more adult fleas can live in peace in your house or yard, and eggs or larvae can stay in tunnels as well. You have to disinfect the house and also use an insecticide or flea development regulator in cracks and crevices, once every 2-4 weeks. When using chemicals to control fleas, you have to take extra care not to use too much substance, as it can be harmful for humans and also animals.

Many new products are available in the market and they help to kill the fleas immediately. These substances are safe for animal and acts like some flea hormones to interrupt the flea life cycle to stop them growing up. These products can be found in the form of pill, spray or liquid substance and can even be applied on a particular area of the skin. These treatments should be given to all pets once a month to prevent the fleas from creeping in again.

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