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First academic tour from the school

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2009-07-13

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   Muhammed Haris
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My first academic tour from the school is an unforgettable sweet memory for the lifetime. Until when I reached fifth standard, I had not even visited any place, outside my district. My school was in Mangalore (a city in southern Karnataka). There was a trip organized to visit Mysore (a place about 150 Kilo meters from Bangalore). It was said to us that, early morning at 5 O clock we will be leaving from our place. For me, it was not able to reach the school by morning 5 O clock. So there was the facility to go in the previous night and to sleep at the school itself. That was also a sweet moments of sleeping with the school mates.

We woke up at three O clock and we were waiting for the bus with very much excitement. But came at 5 O clock and we started our journey. It was the nice time to cheer with all the school children. Our teachers were informed to bring the written chits to drop the messages across the journey. We used to throw the chits we used to watch when people used pick and read those messages.

After about 6 hours' journey, we reached Mysore. First we visited the palace of Tippu Sultan and the palace of Mysore Wadeyers. The palaces were worth watching. I didn't even see a well furnished bungalow. So by seeing the palace, I had a question, "really people used to live here? Why these much house bigger house is needed?" I was thinking that hundreds of people might have been living in it.

After-noon we visited the Zoo. Most of the animals and birds I saw there, I had seen them just in photos. When I saw the real tiger and lions, I was very scared. The birds I was trying to touch them, as I was playing with the cocks in my home. Even a bird had bitten me.

In the evening we visited a park called "Brindavan". The main attraction in it was the fountains with the colorful bulbs. I was not even not feeling like coming back form there. All the places visited in that tour, has strongly printed in my heart still today.

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