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Find salary of other people. How much money is your co-worker making?

BY: Tim | Category: Work From Home | Post Date: 2009-08-24

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There are several ways to closely GUESS the salary of other people by using some of these websites. Using these tools you can approximately find salary of Software Engineers, Computer programmers, Lawyers, doctors and and almost any other profession in USA. These websites will likely give you an idea if you are being over-paid or under-paid. They will also help you in finding out how much salary you can expect in another company. If you know of any more websites or sources, then please leave your comments to make this article more useful for others.

1. Glassdoor.com
Glassdoor is a website where you can register for free, enter your own details and then get information on thousands of other companies by title and profession, all information is provided by people just like you. One might question the accuracy of this website, but frankly my estimate is the not more than 10% of the entries will be too off. This website has information for people mainly working in United States.

2. Salary.com (my favourite)
Using salary.com you can get a basic information about how much people are making based on years of experience, designation and area of work. This is the most comprehensive site I have come across so far. Salary.com also provides percentile graphs both by base salary and benefits, so you can see where you stand in your company in terms of salary. The basic report is free but you will have to pay for detailed report. Visit website and click on "Personal Salary Report".

3. BLS.gov:
The Occupational Employment Statistics by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics will give you maximum data, but you will have to do considerable research yourself to get to a number. This website is also used by various immigration Lawyers and HR professionals to officially calculate the mean wage for a profession. Visit www.bls.gov/oco/home.htm and www.bls.gov/OES/ for more information.

4. Job Sites:
Job sites like Monster, HotJobs, Dice etc.. are also an excellent way to find salary offered to new hires. Most people already employed in a comparable position will most likely be getting "+" or "-" 10% of that amount.

5. SalaryExpert.com
A good source for comparison between salaries of the same profession in different countries. Salaries Review offers a similar service. You either have to pay, or participate in a survey for them in order to receive the report.

6. Payscale.com:
A good place to find salary of people living in India or Philippines go to Payscale. This website also works on surveys.
www.payscale.com/research/IN/All_People_in_All_Surveys ,

7. Acpeople.com.au
To find out salaries in Australia, use can use www.acpeople.com.au/salary/ , never used this site myself.

So, have fun in figuring out how much money or salary your co-workers make.

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Thanks for passing this information. I found glassdoor very useful. I am going to meet my boss and ask for a raise. Grrr .. I am being grossly underpaid.
John 2009-08-24

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