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Find online deals. Places to shop for best deals.

BY: Jessica | Category: Shopping | Post Date: 2008-11-19

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Holiday season is near and you have started to look around for the fliers in the mail for discount deals from stores like Best Buy, Kmart, Target and other regular brick & mortar stores near you. Although these stores offer some nice deals on selected items occasionally, those items are not always what you could be looking to buy.

Why shop online - To find great deals:
Online stores can often beat prices on the flyers of your regular stores. Online stores operate in a very lean infrastructure, they do not have to open real walk-in stores in every other city, instead they just have one or more warehouses in the entire country from where they simply ship items to you directly. They employ far less number of people, have a low infrastructure cost and operate with a highly efficient business model. Yes there are disadvantages of online shopping as well, biggest being inability to physically see the item before you buy, returning merchandise takes time, shipping is not always free and above all buying items online could be uncomfortable for many. To become a frugal online shopper takes a while. The biggest advantage of web shopping is ability to find online deals on items which are not currently at a discount price in a store near you.

Best places to find great deals online:

* Giant online stores - Amazon.com, Overstock.com and Buy.com
These websites carry huge inventory of items at a discounted price. Price on their online deals will often include free shipping or with a minimum purchase price (like $25 or $100 per order). These merchants also have tie-up with other smaller discount sellers, for example when you shop on Amazon.com, majority of items are sold by them directly, others are sold by smaller sellers with which Amazon has a tie-up with. You can sometimes find very cheap used items, which are almost new (but clearly marked as "used"). You will be able to find online deals for electronics, books, jewelery, watches, clothes, books, bags or you name it.

* Online website of your regular store - Walmart.com, Target.com, BestBuy.com etc ..
Almost all the regular stores near you do have an online website as well. Shopping on these websites will help you find online deals which are usually not available in stores itself. The nice thing about shopping from them is that they will often ship the item to the nearby store for free, and if you need to return the item for some reason, you can return directly to the nearby store instead of shipping it back to their online store (in most cases).

* Best of best deals at one place, perfect for opportunistic buyers - Deals2Buy.com, DealsOfAmerica, Slickdeals.net
These websites are my personal favourites. These websites do not sell anything by themself, they actually scan all major shopping sites and present only the best deals currently available online. The beauty of these sites is that they save a lot of your time because now you will not have to find online deals by going to each website individually for a price check. These are especially good if you are an opportunistic buyer. They also provide any applicable coupon codes or mail-in-reate information that may be applicable. Forums inside the website Dealtaker.com can also have good information, but you may have to search a bit.

* Buy dirt cheap by participating in auction at EBay.com
To be very honest, I do not shop a lot from eBay but some of my friends really love it. Concept of ebay is simple, you can buy items from thousands of small sellers for a fixed price or participate in the bidding process. If you are patient and know the basics of online shopping, you can actually find the best online deals on ebay, often spending pennies for a dollar. Another site Dealio.com shows eBay prices along with prices from traditional retailers. ubid.com is another nice website.

* Compare various sites for price check on an item at PriceGrabber.com, Shopping.com, Pronto.com and mySimon.com
These websites collect information from thousands of retailers and show a side-by-side product comparison, rebates, merchant coupons, product reviews, store and product ratings. Nice thing about these sites is that you can find online deals for any product any time, even hard to find items. Google's own "Froogle" is also a good place to try out.

* Find online Coupons on Dealtaker.com, CouponCabin.com, DealCatcher.com and CouponMountain.com:
When you decide to shop online and have made up your mind on a certain item, do go to these sites as they many have some excellent coupons which can be applied for additional discount or for free shipping. Their coupons are arranged separately for each store making your search pretty fast. Sometimes they will also have coupons for your regular walk-in stores as well.

* Join FatWallet and Ebates.com for Cash back
You will often get a percentage of your money back, but make sure you read the fine print carefully.

Well that was enough information on how to Find online deals. Online shopping if fun but always read the return policy and other fine prints. Always checkout from a secure website to prevent credit card fraud. I personally stick to reputable website only and prefer using paypal on sites that I am not sure of. This is purely my own experience, please do your own research and do apply common sense before buying online. Use credit card or paypal instead of using your debt card.

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About Author / Additional Info: Not an expert, just another online shopper like you.

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