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Fashion statement: Dress casually for maximum impact

BY: Deena David | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-07-06

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   Deena David
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Fashion does not always mean walking on the ramp. It also does not mean that what is worn by everyone else is the most fashionable dress to wear. Designer clothes may be stylish and glamorous, but they may not be the best and comfortable wear.

The most important fashion change that has occurred is the change from tradition. People are nowadays more comfortable with casual clothes. Jeans and other casual dresses are considered to be better than more traditional wear. Even companies are changing their dress codes to accommodate the new generation who do not like wearing suits and coats to work, but prefer the more comfortable casual dressing style.

Casual clothes are more fun, full of color, life and style. These clothes help youngsters of today to express themselves. A T-shirt, glasses, sneakers and jeans are the kind of dressing that people love and more people seem to be joining this bandwagon.

Some of the very famous designer stores and creators of designer wear are creating materials that are colorful and stylish. These kind of clothes also look smart on the new generation. It is a mixture of the style and comfort that has caused a huge increase in the following for this kind of clothes and dresses.

There are many reasons for the increased wear of casual dressing. They are:

1. More comfort:
Dressing with casual clothes have been seen as more comfortable and it is simpler as anything goes in casual wear. It does not have to conform to a particular style. This has made the additional impact.

2. Colorful : Traditional wear look more dull. The casual dresses are more colorful and it shows the attitude of the person who wears it. They are not seen as boring people, but those who love to flaunt the beauty and are not bothered by the new statement they make with their fashion.

3. Makes a person look young: Causal dressing makes a person look younger than their actual age. This helps people gain more confidence and also creates a ‘feel good' factor in the person.

This has led to an increase in casual clothes being used by many people. Casual clothes are the most fashionable kind of dressing because this type of clothes helps the person to combine different materials of clothes to make a creative new kind of dress that shows the persons inner style.

Smart casual dressing is here to stay. The main reason more people keep following this style is the comfort that cannot be found in any other type of clothes.

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About Author / Additional Info: I am a Masters Degree holder in Pediatric Nursing. I also do freelance writing work. I am also interested in technology and computer applications. Comments on the article can be sent to deenaanddavid@gmail.com

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author at saching
Good one deena :) Informative. Keep it up.
Haris 2009-07-21

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