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Fashion Jewelry worn by women

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Women | Post Date: 2009-09-23

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   Muhammed Haris
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Fashion jewelry is the name given to ornaments made out of precious and semi precious stones and metals that are available in a variety of modern designs. The word fashion makes us feel more modern and dignified. The concept of fashion has not even left the jewelry industry. The new fashionable designs which have come in the recent years are just soothing to the eyes. The cost of these jewelry items depends upon the pattern that it has been designed on. A small girl too who is visiting a jewelry shop gets confused which one to select looking at the thousands of patters in one shop, imagine how a woman can go crazy visiting the same shop.

Since, now jewels are available in many stylish pattern young girls too have started wearing jewels on western dresses. No wonder it has attracted many ladies in western countries. We can find many ladies in western countries wearing a nose ring which is known to be a traditional wear for Indian females. Newly designed fashion jewelry lures our eyes more than the jewels which were available in olden days. Though the older designs are yet available in the market, most of the people go for the newly designed jewelry. May be this is also an example for the change in the mind set of people. People tend to look fashionable by dressing themselves in the most recent and fashioned jewels being advertised by the jewelry shops. Fashion jewelry is not only restricted to ladies, we can also find many men wearing fashion jewelry in the neck and hands.

There was a trend of wearing as much jewels as possible, no matter how good those things have been designed. But the trend has been changing. Many jewels which have less quantity of gold in it, but has very fashionable look has got good demand in the market. As the trend of keeping strong and fat body has turned into having a slim and zero sized looks, even in the jewels thin necklaces with the valuable diamonds are attracting more and more young girls. Whenever a girl comes with a new jewel, it becomes an agenda point of the non-stop discussion amongst the girls. The design of it, cost of it, place of purchase and even the rumor about who might have gifted her those jewels. Valentine day has been the season for the sale of most fashionable jewels. Boys do not bother spending good amount of money to win the heart of the girls. As girls point and make use of the weakness of the boys, a weakness of getting attracted towards fashionable jewels has been misused by the boys. A proposing letter given with a most valuable and fashionable jewel may not generally get rejected.

Now the fashion jewelry is available matching with the skin color, body look, height weight etc. There are many dress material coming along with the matching jewels for it. After all for the naughty boys the diamond tagged with the necklace has been a reason to look at the chest.

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