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Fake stories about ghosts

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-08-25

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   Muhammed Haris
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Do ghosts really exist in real? Well, that's a million dollar question. Some people claim that they have seen ghosts or even experienced them indirectly. Stories swirl all around but I still do not believe in ghosts, neither should you.

There are many fake stories about ghosts. It has been believed if a person commits many sins in life, his soul never rests in peace. Instead, the soul will wander like a spirit called Ghost which invisible to naked eye. The myth is that these ghosts can make them visible to selective individuals or sometimes their actions can make others feel their presence. These ghostly figures can be very disturbing for any human being, especially the children. Many grandmothers will tell you stories about these ghosts. They advise young children get is not to go near the places where a death was recently reported or places where dead bodies are put to rest (like graveyards). People have the tendency to feel sacred about the dead bodies, even more than if they were standing in front of a serial killer person ( who is alive). But in fact, the fear about the imaginary ghosts is simply created out of the fake stories being said as real things.

There was an awarding ceremony for an ambulance driver, who had carried thousands of dead bodies alone during the night and took them to their final resting places. During his speech the driver said "Some policemen asked me that when I was carrying the dead bodies in the midnight, don't I feel scared". The driver replied him, "I would feel more scared about a person who is alive and not from a person who is dead". In fact if a person is not emotionally disturbed by the fake ghost stories, there would be no fun in telling him stories about the ghosts and devils.

It is the duty of the parents to make their children to make very courageous to face anything and everything coming in life. So, instead of scaring them by saying the fake stories of ghosts and devils, they should boost their confidence by guiding to ignore such things. Instead of wasting time in telling children "ghost" stories, grandmothers should tell real stories which have a moral meaning or stories about great people.

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