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BY: Gerry Legister | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2010-02-16

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   Gerry Legister
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Ezekiel name means God strengthens, his message contains much imagery and spiritual teaching of the highest degree of inspiration, he was taken captive in the second deportation of the Jews to Babylon; this occurred around 598-7 B.C. (2 Kings 24:14-15). Ezekiel began his ministry in the fifth year of his captivity (about seven or eight years before the final destruction of the temple). He continued his work for some 22 years (cf. Eek. 1:2; 29:17).

Like Jeremiah, he too was the son of a priest, taking on his task as spiritual watchman, the word thus said the Lord," reiterate over and over again throughout the entire book which bears his name.

Ezekiel, like Jeremiah, is said to have been a descendant of Joshua by his marriage with the proselyte Rahab, Some scholars claim that (Ezekiel) was Jeremiah or the son of Jeremiah, who was (also) called "Buzi" because he was despised by the Jews. He was already active as a prophet while in Israel, and he retained this gift when he was exiled with Jehoiachin and the other nobles of the country to Babylon.

Just as there had been false prophets among the Hebrew people in Palestine (cf. Jeremiah. 28:3), so also evil deceivers were among the Jews in Babylon. These corrupt prophets were suggesting that the captivity would not last a full 70 years, as Jeremiah had declared (Jeremiah. 25:12; 29:10); rather, within a couple of years or so (cf. Jeremiah. 28:3), this Babylonian unpleasantness would be over, and Israel would be restored to its homeland.

Ezekiel, like all the other prophets, has beheld only a blurred reflection of the divine majesty, just as a poor mirror reflects objects of imperfection. Prophets through their visions would see what the future holds for their country and the world at large, their task is not easy, because people often do not believe their prophecies, nor regard them as influential members of society.

1.Ezekiel the prophet Renounce this false hope of an early return, and to prophesy the fall of Jerusalem (in 586 B.C.) the early portion of the book (1-24) being written before that event
2.Show that Jehovah would visit judgment upon the pagan nations as well (25-32)
3.Preview the return of the Hebrews from captivity (33-48)

Ezekiel Reveal the ultimate blessings that would flow to those who follow the leadership of that "Branch of righteousness" (the Messiah), who would come out of David's lineage.

Ezekiel devotes a significant amount of time foretelling the restoration of Israel as a nation and to their God, Yahweh (Ezekiel 36-39). While Ezekiel wrote, the Jews were in captivity and their nation, Judah, had been destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. Thus, Ezekiel's prophecies gave assurance to the Jews that although they were for the time being in exile and under humiliation, they would eventually return to their land permanently.

Chapter 36 talks about the return to the land and the prosperity of the new country. Chapter 37 contains the "Valley of Dry Bones" vision, in which God promises to restore life to Israel. Finally, a promise is given in the chapter that Israel would be united as one nation and be established permanently. You may be thinking what is the valley of the dry bones, and the graphic language which describe its contents.

After seeing the prophetic vision, Ezekiel was told by God what the vision was all about. This part of Ezekiel ministry is an area well document .d and publicizes, Ezekiel is given precise indications as to what the bones represented. "Son of man, these bones is the whole house of Israel."

Their dry condition resulted from a lost hope and being severed one from another. The gathering together of the bones results from God opening their graves to "Cause you to come up out of your graves", to bring them "into the land of Israel". Before this occurs, God said that He would put His spirit within the people of the Jews and by this they would come to recognize that their savior is the Lord from heaven.

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