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Extra-marital affairs among girls and ways to prevent them.

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-09-05

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   Muhammed Haris
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Extra-marital affairs have been a long standing problem in our society. Although both married girls and guys can have affairs, this article has been written only about housewives / girls who cheat their husbands. Problem of extra-marital affairs has actually grown in our society because of western influence, movies and an increase in the level of expectation among women on how they should be treated & respected. Married girls should avoid cheating their husbands at all costs, especially because women is the one who holds the family together.

When husband is not at home, that's the time when married girls think about extra-marital affairs with other guys. For a girl it is very easy to get a guy into her bedroom, compared to a guy. More than anything, when a girl invites a guy into her bedroom, hardly a guy can decline her invitation. If a guy could deny such a request, he would be a saint found one in Millions (well almost). Guys have little to lose since these married girls eventually land up getting all the blame.

Not every girl gets satisfaction from her husband. It is not always the matter of sex, but in most cases she tries to find emotional happiness in a different guy which she never got from her husband. Guys in turn demand sexual favours which they are often not able to deny. After marriage, a girl comes with thousands of dreams but not all those dreams become reality. Their dreams of getting lots of love from her husband, getting financial independence, getting respect from the husband and her new family are often broken. But when her husband fails to fulfill all her desires, she might very well think of alternatives, she might very well opt for an extra-marital affair.

There are many husbands who just concentrate on the promotion and salary increment at their job, therefore they spend most of the time at office. When wife sees extreme negligence, she tries to get all those things from an outsider. For the first time the research on 'Extra-marital affairs among women' was done by Professor Kinsey in 1940. He found about 26 percent of the married girls he surveyed agreed that they have extra-marital affair. These statistics reflect a seventy years back number, so the rate ccould be very well higher now.

Sexual dissatisfaction alone is not a reason for the girls to go for extra-marital affairs. They may just be angry because her husband is not spending sufficient time with them, or sees him flirting with other girls, for not giving her enough independence, exploiting her or for not meeting many of other desires.

Girls usually try to keep the extra-marital affairs with the person who has good financial and social recognition, to get his support because her husband does not have such financial and social power. There are many guys who try to temper the girls when they are alone. If a girl is already lacking something from her husband, those girls easily fall for them.

To avoid the girls going for extra marital affairs a husband would keep the following things in his mind; Ways to prevent extra marital affairs.

- He should spend some free quality time with his wife. If he planning to go outside he should try to take his wife along. He should not give any scope to his wife about thinking of other guys.

- He should give them importance and respect, also pay attention towards satisfying the sexual desires of his wife. The attitude of many guys towards is satisfying themselves whenever they feel. But it should not be the case. He should respect the feelings of his wife as well.

- He should practice expressing his live to his wife to make her feel that he loves her a lot.

- He should not flirt or behave in an extreme friendly with other girls, at least in front of his wife.

- Whenever he anticipates that he will be coming late, he should inform his wife in advance.

- He should not bring his friends and colleagues to the home without taking permission from his wife. Even if has to bring them, he should be careful about their behavior. It is advisable to bring some stuff from outside so his wife does not land up with all the workload. Also if possible arrange some such of these meetings outside the home.

- He should not praise other girls too much with his wife. The best way is not to compare his wife with any other girls in any matter. He should understand and accept the fact that, every girl is unique in her attitude, character, beauty and behavior.

If a husband religiously follow the above mentioned things, I hope there should not to be any scope of extra-martial affairs.

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