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Exam Phobia - The mental fear of exams

BY: Guest | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-09-24

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Author: Nishtha Singh

Before the examination, the students suspend pleasure oriented activities. They do not go to the playground. They also cancel their picnic schedules and forget about going for the latest movies. They are busy with their books. They go on reading while sipping a cup of tea or coffee. They go on revising while lying down in their beds. They discuss questions , talk about books and dream about answers. Some perish on the trees while others sit in a remote corner. Some other stick themselves to chair.

The exam fever touches the highest point on the night before the examination. One gets disturbed sleep. Students get early in the morning and even the atheists pray. In front of the examination hall, one feels that everything has drained out of his brain. A friend says,"This question is sure to be set." Another says, "have you prepared these questions?". The student feels disturbed and turns the pages of notes or books in a hasty manner. He tries to move his eyes over the answers.

As soon as he takes his seat in the examination hall, he prays to God and revises the questions. If the question paper is difficult, glasses of water are ordered. An easy question paper may make the choice of questions difficult. As he settles down to answering the questions, he might feel that most of what he had learned has evaporated from his brain.

Even after the examination, the phobia still haunts the students. He tell his friend," I was a bit confused" or " I could not do justice to some of the questions". He counts his marks daily and thinks that he would get a second class. He remains in this type of suspense till the Judgment Day arrives. He tries to find his roll number on the list. This movement is very troublesome because failure would invite taunting remarks of the friends, relatives. Even if he gets through he would be heard saying ," There is something wrong with the examiner. Perhaps my answer sheets were replaced with those of weak students."

In the nutshell I want to say that exam phobia is in fact, a painful experience for each and every student.

We should stop examination and bring out grades. Even if we can not stop exams we should not overburden children by forcing them to study.

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About Author / Additional Info: I have written many journals. My main aim is to tell the world the mental sickness of men, women and most important children. I want to change the world. If you find my article good and want me to write for your magazines or journals then please invite me.

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