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Evony Age 1: Free browser game that's worth the time. Free online game

BY: knightmage | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-08-23

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I don't know about you but generally I have a low opinion of games that claim to be free online games. Most are anything but free to do anything meaningful, or are basically lame for the moment you register for you "Free" account. I am glad to be pleasantly surprised with Evony, a free online game.

For those of you who haven't heard of it let me clue you in. Evony is a virtual world that offers the player advancement through peaceful building, or military conquest. Players can either play on their own, or form or join an alliance and have diplomatic relations with other alliances.

The player starts off as a civilian, with a basic piece of land upon, this land is divided into the city proper and the area around it. Here you build your town hall, cottages, warehouses, barracks, and a number of other buildings in the town, while the outlying areas you use for farms, sawmills, Quarrys, and Iron Mines to provide raw materials. With these you build your city infrastructure and population up through the levels making it stronger, while earning prestige, and gold.

Advancement is based at first upon resources, and gold, but later ranks earned require military action, but more on that in a minute. While starting off with one city, more cities are available to be built (or conquered) at higher levels.

So this brings us to the military. This is a basic requirement for survival in the game. From lowly workers, through scouts, swordsmen, and archers even cavalry, and siege engines all can be built. These troops are needed for defense, and expansion and retrieval of resources from the area outside of your land.

And the best part of all this is that the games is a free online game. I mean it. There are no hidden costs or credit cards required to play. Just time, and a web browser. Although there is the option of payment for game items, and frequent and lucrative bonuses for using this method, but the game also rewards each player, each day with a token that can be redeemed for a bonus random item.

Pay, or play for free, either way it is a fun way to spend idle hours. I know I do.

(Lord Knightmage, Evony Server #22)

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