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Even In The Midst Of Crisis -- Part 1 (Introduction)

BY: macmiky | Category: Women | Post Date: 2009-02-14

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Part 1{Introduction}

An elderly man I knew from my childhood back in the village lost his wife and went into the worst form of mourning. He will not eat, come out of the house or even let anyone in or talk to anyone. He also did not want to take any showers. Everyone thought he was just going to kill himself. But to our greatest surprise, he came to church one early morning very clean, happy and well groomed. No one really had the courage to go and ask him why that sudden change .But as nave and young as I was, I went with my other friends to him and ask, Mr.charly what happen that you suddenly came out today? Then, he asked us to follow him. When we got to a tree truck that was near by, he sat down to rest his feet and started telling us this very nice story which we couldn't understand then with our young minds. He started by asking us, children do you know the famous man in the Bible call Job? We said no, and he said, he was a man whom God had blessed with everything abundantly and who within a short time lost all he ever had but never gave up on God. He told us that even in the midst of his worst pain; he continued to thank God for life. He acknowledged the fact that God gave him all he had and had the choice to take it. He said Job will not curse God even when his wife and friends convinced to curse God and die. So children, when I thought about him this morning, I thought I need to thank God for the air I breathe, the children my wife left and so on. And he went further to say that every crisis is a crisis and hurt the human heart. Whether is a personal setback or disappointments or economic crisis. But the good thing is that even in the midst of that worst crisis, if you look very well, you see that God's goodness outweighs all the setbacks.

That is exactly what this article is all about, finding God and goodness in the midst of adversities .It embodies all kinds of crisis and how we can find God's greatness and use them in His glory.- Even In The Midst Of Crisis- is divided into two parts. The first is for women of all works of life and the next part is for a group of women very close to my heart.

Women at some point in time make mistakes or are faced with crisis ranging from personal setbacks such as illnesses, divorce, the death of loved ones, disappointments or financial or economic crisis such as which our world is facing today. With all these in mine, it is easy to deter the way we think and do things because most of the time is spent focusing on the issues. In any kind of crisis, action needs to be taken to avoid a complete disaster or breakdown. Every crisis hurts the human heart and I'm a strong believer of the fact that, we don't run away but find solutions while letting God take control because no crisis is more than Him .In part one, i have come up with six very powerful steps to be taken to thrive even in the midst of any crisis.

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About Author / Additional Info: I am from West Africa and now live and work in New York City .I is writing out of personal experience.I became a mother at thirteen. My life took quite a different turn as I had to take over the responsibilities of an adult by being a mother. I went through every kind of torture for a girl my age .Having a child at that age and out of wedlock in my culture is not only a taboo but is considered the greatest abomination of all times. likes writing to provide inspiration for today's teen mothers

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