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Ethical hacking and its various benefits

BY: Deena David | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2009-12-27

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   Deena David
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Hacking is a word that all government people are wary of and this is the word that is most used by the hackers around the world. These hackers are very happy to be on the computer and use the resources on the internet to get into the computer network of all other people, especially the government computer networks, defense networks and various other networks.

The hackers get into the networks of all the other governments and the organizations because this helps them to gain some money from it either directly or indirectly. They gain money directly because they are able to hack into the account of other peoples bank account and get money from the account. They gain from the hacking indirectly because they may be paid some money by various other organizations to get them data from the systems and networks of various other governments.

Ethical hacking:

Ethical hacking on the other hand is completely different from the kind of hacking that has already been mentioned already. Ethical hacking is done when the person is able to get into the network of other organizations and the result of this hacking is used for the betterment of humanity. There are various people who use their hacking ability to use it for the immediate needs of various governments to be able to apprehend terrorists.

Benefits of ethical hacking:

There are various benefits of ethical hacking. This article lists the benefits of this kind of hacking.

1. To fight against terrorism:

There are many terrorists and terrorist organizations that are trying to create havoc in the world with the use of computer technology. They break into various government defense systems and then use this for their terrorist activities. This can be prevented by using the services of ethical hackers who counter the terrorists by misleading them.

2. To take preventive action against hackers:

Preventive action against the terrorists can be taken by the ethical hackers. This can be done because the ethical hackers use their expertise to create alternate information that is false, of the hackers to get while the real information that is necessary and important is hidden from the terrorists. Preventive action that is taken by the governments against the breaking of the networks saves money in billions of dollars as rectifying and building new systems will cost a lot and also is very time taking. So the use of ethical hackers in doing this work of preventing the real hackers from getting to the important information helps save a lot of money and also time.

3. To build a system that helps prevent penetration by hackers:

The ethical hackers are also used to try and test the existing defense systems. These people are also used to build a foolproof system that prevents the breakdown of the existing system. Using the powers of the hackers to get a proper system built helps to prevent penetration by the hackers and saves the information in the various government networks.

These are the various benefits of having ethical hackers in a defense system.

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