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Environmental Concern at Singapore - Pollution issues and more.

BY: sonu | Category: Nature | Post Date: 2008-09-15

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Environmental concern

Certain Environmental concerns like the protection of marine areas, conservation of Biodiversity-rich areas and wildlife and pollution have been constantly unreported and requires mandatory protection for the betterment of the future generation. Even the forested areas with high biological diversity being cleared for certain specific development projects and needs, sheer attention and impact assessment to control the economic disasters like Global Warming and soil contamination. At present there is no legislation in Singapore for an assessment of the impact of the developmental projects on the environment nor are there Laws established for soil contamination.

In this concern solutions that were implemented have been confined high to industries for pollution control purposes. This inadequacy can be emphasized to the 1996 incident whereby an oil company's refinery and storage terminal was found to have contaminated the ground where it had been built upon for years. To this incident the Jurong Town Corporation , the body in charge of Industrial estates in Singapore, had introduced a "decontamination" clause in its leases to the high pollution risk areas. According to this in case of pollution caused the company would have to clean up the site before returning the lease but no other specific rules to overcome the soil contamination has yet been introduced which would be applicable to not only industries but to the other sources of pollution like uprooting of trees for the project, burning of leaves, plastics and logs of wood.

Violations of wildlife conservation has been an another important Environmental issue which have continued to date and there are marine areas that are lying contaminated and unnoticed by the authority concerned. The unawareness among the general Public to protect flaura and fauna has to be taken into consideration and voluntary education programmes should be organized specifically for them.

As per date only 3% of the natural sites have the Legal Protection under the Environmental Management. A study by the National Environmental Environment Agency (NEA) to asses the level of Knowledge, Awareness, Beliefs and Practices among the students with respect to Environment indicated that about 56% did not know that there is a need to reduce waste as Palau Semkau is the only landfill in Singapore. Effective steps in control of waste like renewing the technological solutions and waste control systems have to be done to decrease the percentage value of 56 as low as possible.

Increase in population and growth of urbanization has lead to acute shortage of land that has in turn resulted in impractical conservation of huge swathes of the rich Biodiversity land. As per a news report when buildings at Singapore were inspected by Public Utilities Boards past month it was explored that 49 of the buildings were found to have sanitary pipes above water tanks that was thus leading to water contamination. The filthy water had made at least 65 people fall sick and the Management Corporation were blamed to have sheer negligence in maintenance of complex's water supply and internal sewage piping systems.

Not only this, the recent spells of heavy rainfall coupled with warm weather has provided mosquito ample opportunities to breed in the pools of stagnant water formed which reflected in many people falling ill of the Dengue fever.

This would never had happened if care had been taken well in advance to run checks on homes and in outdoor areas like drains, outside buildings, construction sites, parts of vacant land and other facility that would breed mosquitoes.


Certain initiative plans have been established like the Green Plan that aimed to conserve nature by 5 percent of land area. The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) aims to promote Environmental awareness amongst the citizens and constantly organizes educational programmes on Environmental issues that includes the seminars for recycling and waste management. To add to the information about the initiatives taken by Singapore, temporary Car Park Lots had been made available along the Lim Chu Kang Road and in the vacant land within the Choa Chu Kang Chinese Cemetery during the King Ming period. The visitors to the place were instructed to make use of the respective Car Park Lots to reduce traffic congestion within cemetery grounds. Not only this, the initiatives like the 3R and volunteer engagement programme named Youth Environment Guardians (YEGs) have tried to engage in environmental activities.

Apart from above initiatives the citizens have to take voluntary efforts in co-operation with certain environmental working bodies. Singapore is largely unique due to her small size, lack of natural resources, high population density and strong governance. Since Singapore is a developed country and highly polluted, steps for well being of the environment have to be taken keeping current scenario in mind. Mandatory rules like replacing more than 3 year vehicles being driven in the city, with new ones can be deployed.

Environmental concern is for all of us. We need to take care of not only ourselves but the nature around us. The above article highlights certain critical environmental issues at Singapore. The steps taken for the Environmental threats can be deployed at our country to make it a better place to live in.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: The above information is summed up my partner and myself. I am thankful to my partner who has helped me in making this article a critical piece of information for all the nature lovers.

A quick note from website admin: This is a very impressive, interesting and comprehensive study by author (thank you), but since the sources of this information are not mentioned we cannot assure you the level of correctness of this article contents.

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